Can I get a copy of the website code in Escrow?

Yes. Sure. But that isn't the right question really.

What would be even better?

What would be better is if YOU had a copy of your site in it's entirety without paying a third party. It's not like the old days with proprietary software you couldn't touch. Tendenci is Open Source. Why not just back up the site to your own cloud storage? It's cheaper, you don't have to pay an escrow, and it gives you complete peace of mind.

What if I want to download my database?

Yes. On Tendenci6/7 you can do this by going to <site-name>/explorer/ and clicking the "Data Export" link at the top. Note this is a LARGE FILE and it will take some time. Read more about the data explorer to export a smaller section of data. And don't forget most modules have export options built into them under the "Reports" tab. You can read more about the data explorer here.