The footer is defined as the bottom section of a website that contains essential additional information, copyright notices, contact details, and other pertinent information important for the site, ensuring easy access for users.

Edit Footer Content

In Tendenci, the Footer is usually set up inside a box to make it easy for clients to make changes to their links. It can also be found as a link in the footer, this will redirect you to the box that contains the footer content. 

Footer Link Direct

Note: Be mindful that the "Edit Footer-Links" option can change position depending on the size of the box on your Tendenci site. To learn more about Boxes, please visit this link: How do I create and add boxes to a page?*

Once in the Boxes Module, in the search bar look for Footer-Links, then select Edit on that box. 

Footer Box Location

Once in the Footer-Links box, you can edit the links and the wording.

Footer Box Edit

Pro Tips:

We suggest the following if you intend to keep the existing footer and simply add new elements on top of it:

Make your edits on top of the current text. For instance, if you wish to edit the "About Us" section, edit alongside it and then remove the "About Us" header. The same principle applies to all other section headers.

Tendenci footer link example Tendenci footer link example


Revise the links directly that have already been created. For instance, to modify existing links, choose the linked text (e.g., "Welcome," which is linked to the homepage) and proceed to the link section in the text editor or content box. This action will automatically highlight the link icon. Once there, you can adjust the URL, the displayed text, the target (whether it redirects to a new or the same window), and the class (converting it into a button).

Footer Links Edit example

If you intend to include an additional bullet point, please ensure that it is placed within the same section as the existing ones. For instance, if you wish to append new text under the "Welcome" section within "Our Mission," begin by selecting the end of the "Welcome" content. Then, press the enter key to generate a new bullet point for your addition.

Footer New Bullet Example

You can also access the source code in the text editor/Content Box by clicking on these brackets: Source Code Icon
This permits you to have a more detailed script of what is going on in the text box and edit it from there. 

If significant modifications are to be made to the footer, it is advisable to create a new box and assign it to the footer template. The following segment will detail how to implement this modification in the template.

Template Level Footer 

Additional modifications that can be made to the Footer are available within the Template section of the Theme Editor module.

*If you'd like to know more about Templates please visit this link: How Do I Access My Tendenci Site's Theme Editor to Customize My Theme?*

To gain access to the Footer script, locate the template named footer.html and click on it.

If you observe the code, you'll see that the box ID of the footer content is being loaded or accessed in line 13. To assign a different box to the footer, you can simply replace the current ID number (which is 10 in this case) with the ID number of the new box.

a snapshot of tendenci's footer template

Once all is finished ALWAYS remember to click "Save". Any changes/modifications made to the box assigned to the footer template will be saved at this point within the script. 


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