Watch how to add video and video galleries on your Tendenci website.

Updated April 2012 - 

Video Transcript

Now that you have installed the video plug-in, you start to easily add new videos to your site from any other video sharing site and I'm going to show you how to do that now. To add a new video you'll come up to your admin nav bar up to content, come over to where the videos plug-in is and click on the green widget to add videos. This will take you to the page to add new videos.

And you will want a title for the video. The slug or URL for the video is customizable in this field and you can change it to whatever you want. The software will automatically use the title of the video as the slug, and add that for you if you want to save some time. So we have no categories yet, for our videos.

Categories are really great for being able to organize and filter your videos, so let's add a category by clicking on this green icon and a window will pop up and we can name it whatever category we want and I'll show you what that looks like after we're done.

If you want to select an image file to customize what's displayed on your screen, you can do that. It's not necessary. Our software in Tendenci will automatically pull in the main page video image from the video you embed on the screen. So in this case I'm just going to let it use the video image itself.

Then you'll need the video URL from Youtube, Vimeo, etc and I'll show you how to get that. So I'm over on my Youtube channel, logged in to the Tendenci video and let's just pick a video. We'll click on it and then come look for the share or embed this video button will expand when you click on it and you want to use the options to get the long link and you see now this box has changed.

You'll just come in and copy it and paste that link right here in the video URL on your Tendenci site. If you want to add any tags you can add tags that will be searchable, just like other tags on your site. There's a simple WYSIWYG editor box here where you can add images, you can add the video description, you can link to other things in there.

Then you have your permission settings where again, if you uncheck "public can view" you have your advanced permissions here. So you can have videos that only members can see, only a specific group. You can add Tendenci videos from our Youtube to your site and make them for admin only access and then your staff can find training videos directly from your video gallery.

In this case, we'll leave it as "public can view", active, active, and then we're going to hit save.

So here we are on the video management page and we can click to view on the site and now you have your very first training video on the site here. You see we have our description, we have the tags here. Then we have our categories on the left side where it automatically includes all videos for people in the software and then our new category that we just added, training videos.

If you continue to add multiple videos, you will end up with a beautiful gallery like the one we have here on Tendenci.

I want to show you one more thing and that is when you come into videos, I'm going to show you on Tendenci where we have multiple videos, you can come in to search them and you're back here where they're organized and it looks a little different than some of our other search pages and that is because we wanted to make it easier for you to organize and manage the order that your videos are displayed in your gallery.

So you have the move widgets, like in your navigation, and if we want to change the order that these are displayed on the screen, we can simply move them and then we want to hit save at the bottom to save our changes. Tendenci will automatically put the videos that you upload in the order that you upload. For example, when I made this Membership Module training series I wanted them to display in order starting at one and going through nine, so after I'd uploaded them all they were in the order I uploaded and I went back in and was able to move them. So now I have them in this nice series. I can come over and view it on the site and when I come and segment them you see that they are in order, visually on the screen so it makes it more friendly to users.

So that is the ins and outs of our video plug-in that is now available for you to install and later this year will be on every Tendenci community site that is launched. So go have fun making videos.




Video Transcript

Tendenci has a robust photo gallery and video gallery feature set that lets you show off photos and video. I'm going to show you quickly how to add a new video.

You'll need to host your video on something like YouTube or Vimeo and have that link ready. You'll come to the admin window, where the plugin for video has been activated. That's another video that you can check with. Click Add.

You'll come to the title of it. I just made a video about Tendenci Event Type Creation. So we'll go with that name. It's a Tendenci training video. The URL from the Vimeo account is Custom Event Types. We'll put in some SEO tags.

(In the description field) you'll want to talk about what it is briefly enough. As you can see, you can use the full WYSIWYG Editor and add pictures and other things to this. You can even add an image. If you don't select an image, you'll see what's going to happen when I click "Save."

Now the video has been added. You can come up here and view what it looks like on the page. Here, if you don't add an image, you've got the image of the very first frame in your Vimeo presentation. Or if you're using YouTube, it will look like a YouTube video.

Then when you come up here, it automatically is adding them to your video galleries. You can quickly and easily create a huge gallery of images and videos, have the single page created, and it's all easily accessible and viewable right off the bat from your Tendenci website.

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