This help file shows you how to add new Users to your Tendenci website. Only people with Super User level access to your website can add new users manually. The alternatives for adding users include self-registration, membership renewal, or filling out a contact form when donating, registering for an event, or otherwise submitting their information through a form on your website. 

This help file specifically talks about how to Add a New User manually, using your Super User level access. Learn more about managing Interactive Users in our Tendenci Guide to Interactive Users.


First - Login to Your Website

Login with your Super User account. Once you're logged in, look up for the blue top bar Admin menu, and find the "People" dropdown options. 

Second - "Navigate to Add User in your Admin Menu" 

Find "Members" in the "Community"



Once you have clicked Members you'll see a drop down appear in your admin menu for users.


"Click Add a User" Screen_Shot_2015-08-10_at_12.34.47_PM.png



Find Users and click on the green-circle-to-add-things.png to go to the Add User form. Here's a screenshot:




Step 3 - Fill Out the Add User Form

On the next screen, you'll see the User Profile form where you can fill out the contact information for the new user and select different options including creating a login and email notification options.  

Enter all the information you need for the new user, including username and password if they will be Interactive.  The First Name, Last Name and Email fields are required.

We've divided the Add User form into sections and you can view the different sections and the fields in the screenshots below. 

The Add User Form

Section A and B has fields for the User's name and phone numbers, plus you'll set the display name for the User that will show up on any content contributions from the User. 

site-registration-form-section-a.pngSection A and B on the Add User Form

Section C has options for adding multiple email addresses and an opt-out option for the User to select to receive (or not receive) emails from your website. Section D has employment information for the User, and Section E is for adding a mailing address. 


Section C, D, and E from the Add User Form

Section F is where you'll set-up a login username, password, and set the User's status and Interactivity access levels. 


Section F and I of the Add User Form

Security Level - If you need to add this person as an Superuser or Staff, you'll edit the security level and select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu in Section J. 

section-j-add-user-form.pngSection J on the Add User form is only viewable by Super Users

Remember to Click "Add User" to save the form and add a new User to your site!


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