To add a new User group, hover over the "People" tab and click the plus sign next to Groups.

Community Tab Groups Screenshot

Explanation of the Fields on the Tendenci "Create Group" Form

Fill out all of the fields on the Group form and click Save to add the group. An explanation of each of the specific fields is below:

Add a New User Group in Tendenci


  1. Group Name - This name has to be unique -It is the name of the group as read by the computer.

  2. Group Label - Typically they group name and label are the same. This is the name of the group as read by humans. This is the name of the group you will see in the Groups Module and when you are searching for it.

    If you would like your Group Label to be the same as your Group Name, you can leave this field blank.

  3. Entity - Think of this as a "parent" group, where an entity controls a subset of groups for reporting purposes, generally used for financial reporting. 

  4. Recipient email - If this group is being used for distribution, you can designate the email address forms will be submitted to when this group is chosen (please contact us on how to set this up)

  5. Show Option - When checked this group will be visible to users that are logged in

  6. Allow Self Add - When checked it allows a logged in users to add themselves to the group

  7. Allow Self Remove - When checked it allows logged in users to remove themselves from the group

  8. Show for Memberships - If the "groups" field is visible on your Member Application(s), applciants will be able to select from a dropdown of groups to join. Self-add must be checked if applicants are to be able to add themselves; otherwise, they can be manualy added when applications are reviewed by a site administrator.

  9. Show for Events - If checked, when creating events this group will appear in the list of options to associate the event with (i.e. a Special Interest Group, Chapter, etc)

  10. Public can view-- When checked, the public can view the group - (This will override the following option "Users Permission"

  11. User Permissions - If you uncheck "Public can view" you will see more options appear below under User Permissions. When "View" is checked, users can view it, when "Change" is checked users can edit the group - (This is used when "Public can view" above is not checked

  12. Administrator Only - When "Active" is checked, the group is active. It overrides "Status Detail"

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