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Hello Tendenci Community!

Ah, wonderful Spring is almost upon us, and we hope your 2020 was off to a great start.

We'd like to grab your attention for just a few minutes to share some beneficial news about features you must take advantage of. So hurry, spring into action with your Tendenci site!


Stripe Processor Payments on Tendenci

You Can Succeed Better with Stripe

Say yes to growth and success with Stripe! Your Tendenci site demands a global payment experience, one that makes global money movement easier and simpler for you and your clients to connect and grow.

As our open source software and community continue to reach the far corners of the world, Stripe makes global money easier and simpler for you. Here at Tendenci we want to see your association succeed! And for this reason, we highly encourage you to choose Stripe as the payment processor for your next everything.


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March to this Keeper Feature of the Month

Discount on Member Auto-Renewal

Not only does your Tendenci site have the option to allow automatic membership renewals, you can also offer a discount to your members upon opting in to auto-renew as an added incentive. Save YOU time, and save your members money, all while increasing member retention rates!


Hand holding tablet of Tendenci responsive graph reports

Take Advantage of the SEO Tools Baked in the Code

No software offers it like we do. We want to remind the community that Tendenci software was designed with SEO baked into the code! 

Improve your search rank by taking advantage of the tools built for your site's success.  Use these tools to add primary and secondary keywords in your site settings, take care of your site's reputation by adding all the SEO Meta information found in the pages editing section, and even check out your site's activity found under reports in your admin navigation bar menu & more.



Pie chart shows Tendenci's part in the markets

Did you know?

Tendenci is disrupting the global NPTech software market, and successfully challenging Personify, by using more advanced open-source tech and micro-services sold as SaaS with Freemium options, or self hosted.


Let Your Website Bloom with 10% off All Development

Hurry, this off expires April 15, 2020!



Leave a Review and Get a Freebie

We'd love to hear from you too! How have Schipul and Tendenci - The Open Source AMS impacted you and your organization? When you leave us a review you'll get free Tendenci stickers!

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"Schipul did a fantastic job of helping us improve communications and streamline operations within the SPE-GCS organization using the latest in internet technology. The new site design provides ease of use that encourages members to participate and become invilved in activities."

- Paul Bieniawski, Reliant Resources Inc

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“More features and security than most enterprise software”

- Jonti B., President
White Hat Ops


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