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Website-Magazine.jpgThe March 2014 edition of Website Magazine is out, with great guidance for organizations trying to navigate through the process of choosing the right Web design and development partner. Writer Michelle Wicmandy called upon Tendenci Founder and CEO Ed Schipul for expert guidance for her article, "Selecting the Right Design/Development Partner."

Schipul recommends that organizations examine a firm's own website as part of its evaluation to see how the web development firm is using the latest technologies. If they aren't using advanced technologies themselves, an organization has no reason to believe the firm understands and embraces technologies.

According to the article:

"Ed Schipul, founder and CEO of Tendenci, an open-source CMS for non-profits, advises that a small business owner looks for a solutions partner with a solid reputation, case studies to demonstrate competency, and a diverse team that will work with him or her to overcome individual challenges."

"The technology development that has occurred over the past two years has raised the bar for designers," explains Schipul. "When hiring an agency, be certain the firm develops sites that are responsive across multiple devices. Furthermore, be sure the site is functional. Although winning awards is impressive, many functional sites such as, the premier e-commerce site, is not a Picasso."

Schipul also recommended that small organizations who don't have experience with websites spend time experimenting with some of the open-source systems and DIY website builders to experience firsthand the capabilities and limitations of these tools. Doing this will better equip a company to ask the right questions and understand the fees and time requirements that are necessary to build a great website.

Here at Tendenci, we offer custom Web design and Web development services through our Schipul Web Marketing business unit. We also offer DIY website builders for smaller organizations that don't require custom design.

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