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It is our intent to publish a government transparency report every six months going forward. 

REPORTING PERIOD 2018-01 to 2018-03

  1. US Law Enforcement Information Requests
    1. N/A
  2. Non-US Government Information Requests
    1. N/A
  3. National Security Requests
    1. N/A

We have not received a secret gag order.

Index of our transparency reports.

NOTE: While there are some posts missing, I have clarified that ommission by making this quarters transparency report inclusive from company creation in 1997 up to todays date.

To repeat: This report is retroactive reporting inclusive 1997 (business origination date) until today (which is) 2018-04-03.

If you see this missing --> "We have not received a secret gag order." or removed or modified, then read up on transparency reporting here

If you want to know more about transparency reporting, it is summarized in our first transparency report

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