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Celebrating 24 Years With Some Fun Facts!

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To begin with, it has always been about our clients. You don't write open source software for non-profits as part of a get rich-quick business plan. We have stayed true to that vision; transparent and with security and privacy as our top priority because we take care of our people. But it gets more expensive every day with COVID-19 and it is a stress on all of us. We are all doing the best we can. We know that you are too.  

Team Tendenci is immensely grateful to those who donate their time to the community code, to our clients who continue to do great things and further their cause with all the built-in communication tools Tendenci software has to offer. Y'all are awesome! 

From Ed Schipul: "Congratulations on 24 years. It has been a journey, a story that is still being written and rewritten in a changing world. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all tomorrow!"

Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software (AMS) 

Together we can Connect the World’s People and Do Good.

Ed Schipul designed Tendenci software with NPO’s and associations in mind because;

Nothing is more powerful and beautifully complex than nonprofits and associations trying to further their cause with a software built specifically for them;

Do everything you need to do for your online presence with Tendenci which is fully open source and 100% customizable;

Even host in the language of your choice, in the country of your choice and get to say "I own my data". Host with us for extra security layers if you wish. Your freedom. Your choice. Built for you;

No other AMS is as flexible with intuitive management ability and with more features and security than most enterprise softwares. That's what our clients and community say! So,

Choose Tendenci and own your data. This software was built for you. Yes literally. We are 100% transparent. Developers and programmers love Tendenci - a software built on community who contribute to the code everyday. Why purchase plugins? When Tendenci integrates with everyone. Yes, open-source rocks!

It's Your software. Your data. Your choice.

Blue Skeleton New Orleans Ed Schipul Photography
Fun facts from Ed Schipul:

- Ellen Marquez was the very first employee - and I will always be grateful for her being crazy enough to come work for me. - Ed

- Mike Hall Chevrolet on Highway Six was our first real web design client.

- NTSERVER01 - the very first server - was built from parts bought on Harwin on the floor of Scott Pederson's kitchen in Katy.

- Career Partners International was our biggest and first large International Consulting and Development project.

- Altivia was the first full network (Hardware, software, PCs, Exchange Servers, Wiring we installed in Channelview Texas).

- It was the tech-recession of 2001 that forced us to reinvent and that was the year I started writing codebase. 

- Codebase was given the name "Tendenci" after an internal brain storming contest. Randy Sarinas thought of the brand name we chose.

- PRSA Houston was the first Tendenci site. They just didn't know it.

- I started photography in 2006 when we had enough AMEX points to get a free camera. 

- Photography was a HUGE driver for our growth when the team joined in.

- The last time the company was this small was in 2001. 

- 2001 was the year that our growth took off. We've been hit hard, and the last time we came back stronger. 


Read again some of our prior anniversary news:



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Your Software. Your Data. Your Choice. 

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