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Medical Imaging Magazine article: Enhancing Your Imaging Image

med_imaging_cover.jpgAre you looking for more clients or better public exposure?  Is your Web site performing as well as you would like it to?

The Medical Imaging Magazine recently published an article entitled 'Enhancing Your Imaging Image' offering valuable tips on re-evaluating your marketing plan for better business success.  These tips move beyond the medical industry and can be incorporated into any business or industry.

Ed Schipul and Lauren Hall give some practical advice on Web site maintenance and search engine marketing:

"You're dealing with a more computer-savvy audience nowadays. Now even senior citizens are surfing the 'Net regularly, so a Web site is essential to any good marketing campaign. Among the tips that Schipul and Lauren Hall, his director of search-engine marketing, offer:

  • Make sure your site is updated regularly. If not, it's not worth bothering, especially if you're trying to present yourself as someone on the cutting edge. Remember, the same "announcements" you're making in your press releases can (and should) go on your Web site.
  • Do keyword research. Keywords are words or phrases you have determined are most likely to be typed into the search engine by your target market. Schipul found that "rhinoplasty" actually would glean a higher number of hits than "nose job" for a plastic surgery client, indicating that patients are highly educated. Enlist the services of an outside firm or bring in an Internet specialist of your own to tackle the research.
  • Offer lots of information on your home page. Among the information, Hall suggests, are testimonials, case histories, office hours, and upcoming special events. Bear in mind that your site must offer a clean visual while presenting all of this information.
  • Test your Web work. Use the "A/B" test. Run one headline or picture on your Web site (or in an ad) for the first 2 weeks, then a different one the next 2 weeks, and see which garners the most hits. Just make sure to change only one variable each time."

Read the Medical Imaging magazine article in its entirety for further suggestions on 'Enhancing Your Imaging Image' and be sure to read Schipul's Web Marketing Fundamentals article for a top ten list of 'must-have' elements for increasing sales lead generation from your Web site.