A group of people organized for a joint purpose

Association: A Group of People Working for a Common Purpose

Tendenci Open Source CMS for Associations

We built Tendenci to be the Open Source CMS for your Association. The word "Association" is defined as a group of people organized for a joint purpose.

Tendenci is built for Associations, whether they are Professional Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, or any Organization working toward a common cause.

Why? Our Mission is to Do Good

Our Mission is aligned with Tendenci’s Creator, Schipul Technologies. We aim to create innovative and awesomely cool web tools to Connect and Organize the World’s People and Do Good.  

How? Online Tools Built In

When we're making decisions for Tendenci's roadmap, our focus is on figuring out what Associations need to support their mission and developing innovative and fun website features that meet those needs. We want to develop software applications that offer users of any technical skill level the ability to control and manage their website to further their cause. 

Out-of-the-box Tendenci Tools include:

  • Content Management - Tools to publish information online such as content pages, rich media, news, and more.
  • People Management - Manage people with online Membership Management tools, customizable permissions levels, and Group management.
  • Tools for Increasing the Bottom Line - Modules built in that immediately provide revenue for Associations, such as Business Directories, the Online Job Board, Donations Forms, and Event Registration.

The heart of the Tendenci software is our desire to make technology fun and intuitive so that anyone can use Tendenci and make a difference! 

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Finally, an open source option for associations. Fully functional. 100% customizable.

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