Get Started Using Tendenci Right Away - No Set Up Fees!

No set up fees. Just enroll in monthly hosting!


For a limited time, we are offering a Tendenci Template Website set up using our Twenty Thirteen Theme with no set up fees!

Simply enroll in Tendenci monthly hosting for $169/month, and we will create a site for you using our modern Twenty Thirteen theme that includes all of Tendenci's Core Features and Responsive Design out of the box!

Note that this package does not include graphic changes or customization to the Twenty Thirteen Theme.

Your Tendenci site with Twenty Thirteen Theme will contain the following Features out of the box:

  • Tendenci Core Modules (Users, Pages, Article, News)
  • Rich Media Modules: Photo Albums & Video Gallery
  • Calendar Event Management & Online Registration Tools
  • Job Bank
  • Business Directories
  • User Management Tools (Groups, Customizable Permissions, Logins)
  • Ability to customize the HTML and CSS through Tendenci's Theme Editor
  • Instructions to route your custom domain URL to your Tendenci site
  • Merchant Account Configuration for one of our supported merchant accounts
  • Responsive Design


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How Do I Know if Tendenci is Right For Me?

Questions to help you evaluate Tendenci

1) What Functionality Does Tendenci Include?

Tendenci is the Software that Creates and Manages Your Association's Website. Tendenci is able to do so much more than the typical web blog or or content management system (CMS) by providing everything you need Out of the Box! Your Tendenci site will come out of the box with all of the core modules including Memberships, Event Calendar, Job Board, and Donation Form.


What Can Tendenci Do For You? 

Tendenci Website

  • Manage your event calendar & registrations
  • Process online Donations and payments
  • Automate your membership applications and renewals
  • Enable better communication across your volunteers, members, donors, staff, and visitors
  • Boost recurring revenue for your association
Take a Tour of Tendenci to Learn More about Tendenci's features!

Happy Tendenci clients need a website that offers complex transactions for automating tasks such as membership application processing, payment processing, event registration management, job board postings, and more. You can check out all of the features that are included with Tendenci - Out of the Box - and compare to other website platforms. 

Compare what your association needs against our list of modules and use that to evaluate if we have everything you need. And remember - we're Open Source... so if you are a developer or know one, you can customize Tendenci to meet any specialized need your association has for their website. 


Association: A Group of People Working Together for a Common Cause

2) Do You Have to Be A NonProfit to Use Tendenci?

Not at all! Tendenci is open source and anyone can use it for their website, to do custom development with, create themes, and develop plugins. We welcome anyone who needs the features and functionality that we've packaged into Tendenci to sign-up for one of 

Tendenci is built specifically for Associations - Groups of People working together for a Common Cause

For over 14 years, we've been providing nonprofits and associations with custom website design, development, and managed hosting services. We saw a real need for a platform like Tendenci and our vision is to build technology tools that associations love to use! 

3) How Technical Do I Need to Be to Use Tendenci? 

Content Management Without Programming or HTML

If you can use a basic word processor then you will be able to add and edit content on your Tendenci site. As soon as we create your site, you will be able to start adding content and users to your site with no set-up fees and a monthly price of $169 with no contracts.

Managed Hosting - We Do the Heavy Lifting!

Your website will be hosted on the Tendenci Community cloud hosting platform where you'll receive the same experienced hosting service level as all our Tendenci Community hosted clients. Read more about our managed hosting services and support. 

Personalizing Your Template Using HTML and CSS in the Tendenci Theme Editor

Our Website Builder special Spring offer incudes the Twenty Thirteen theme with no customization from our team. You have the ability to make any changes you like to the template using HTML and CSS in the Tendenci Theme Editor to change things like colors and layout.

If you have someone on your staff who is familiar with CSS, HTML, and Javascript, then you'll have no trouble customizing Twenty Thirteen to suit your needs.


More on editing your theme using the Tendenci Theme Editor

If you don't have access to someone with web development skills, then you probably want to look at one of our other service packages where we provide a range from personalizations to a template to match your Brand all the way to full custom designed themes. 


4) What Can I Expect When I Sign Up?

The Tendenci Website Builder Process happens in three easy steps

Step One

You'll submit your credit card information and sign-up for the monthly managed hosting.

We're waiving the set-up fees and so you only pay for the monthly service fees for hosting your site online, providing security monitoring, regular updates and daily back-ups. Check out Website Builder Offer Pricing FAQs

You'll receive a confirmation via email with a receipt showing payment right away. 

Step Two

You'll then be contacted by your Tendenci customer representative. This is the person who will be your guide through the process of deploying your site and training you how to set-up and manage your online association website.

You'll also receive information on how to register and use our project management and support ticket system where you'll be able to use our online support forums, schedule your training, and email support requests.

Step Three

Your Tendenci representative will send you the login information and URL for your Tendenci development website. This typically takes 1-2 business days.

This is a great time to schedule a training session for your team. You can also find upcoming training webinars and in-person events on the Tendenci calendar -



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