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Associations are incredibly powerful and influential in modern society. It is only reasonable that any association management system (also called Association Management Software) framework acknowledges that the data is owned by YOU - the Association or NGO itself.

Tendenci is the only top-ranked AMS System (MMS) that is truly Open Source. No "gotcha" free trial offers pretending to that a "free trial" is the same as a true FOSS AMS Software with all of the code on github at 

Connect with Tendenci - The Open Source AMS at: 

Connect with our CEO, Ed Schipul at  (personal blog) (personal twitter) 

And if you are NOT into the whole Open Source AMS thing, if you prefer to let a proprietary vendor own your data, here are some alternatives to Tendenci

If you are looking to integrate with other platforms be sure to look at Tendenci's "works with" page for AMS at 

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Finally, an open source option for associations. Fully functional. 100% customizable.

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