Tendenci CMS | Browser CompatibilityTendenci Works in Any Web Browser

Unlike most online non-profit software that only works in 1 or 2 specific web browsers, Tendenci's content management system is designed for any current web browser.  

Just to name a few of the internet browsers that Tendenci is compatible with include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and mobile platforms including tablets like the iPad.  We spend a little extra time developing our themes because we feel it's worth it for you to know your site is displaying to your visitors correctly, regardless of their platform.

However, we are only able to support the most current versions of the web browsers.  This provides you and your visitors with the most secure and state-of-the-art online viewing experience.  

Encourage your members, staff, and site visitors to download and update their web browsers today. In addition to better viewing, new versions have stronger security and more plugins and extension options to make web browsing on any platform more fun!

The Best Things in Life Are Free!

We know you're a nonprofit and that's why we are including our recommended list of FREE web browsers with the links to download them today.  

Share this page and ensure everyone is viewing your website the way you intend.

Download the latest web browser of your choice today:

Google Chrome

Apple Safari 

Internet Explorer 9

Mozilla Firefox

Thanks for helping us make the web a better place to live, work and play!

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