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We are excited to share some great news about the latest version of Tendenci!

As an open source product, Tendenci has seen tremendous growth in features and functionality over the last few years. Contributors from all over the world have been helping improve and advance the software so that all members of the Tendenci community have better, stronger tools to serve their organizations.

What are you missing out on?


Community Forums

  • Foster communication and support among your community with forums.
  • Members can post questions or ideas and have others answer or advise.
  • Subscribe to a Forum topic to be notified of new responses for monitoring.
  • Set up Private Forums for Members only or Groups using the security structure already in place on your Tendenci site.


Mobile Responsive Design

  • Make your site accessible at all times on all devices.
  • All layouts are designed using Bootstrap 3.x for the most flexible viewing options.
  • Navigations, images and forms are all responsive.
  • Conform to new SEO standards for mobile search listings.



  • Stay in front of your community by sending out regular newsletters.
  • Manage your various lists by using Groups within your site, including anytime Opt In/Opt Out options and Members-only mailings.
  • Set up customized templates for different types of messages.
  • Track Bouncebacks to keep your lists clean and encourage members to update their email addresses each time they renew.


Customized Reporting

  • Pull the exact data you need for your reporting using Explorer.
  • Write custom SQL scripts to access specific fields in your database and export the results for use in your Excel spreadsheets.
  • Tendenci’s open source structure allows direct, immediate access to all your data at any time.


One-Button Backups 

  • Backup your data and store offsite for best practices data redundancy.
  • Click one button to have all your site data exported for download to your network.
  • Do this as often as suggested by your internal data security plan.


Insert and link files and images with ease. Upgraded Content Editor

  • View styling options in preview mode for faster adjustments.
  • Use familiar menu options for quick access to different tools.

We would love to talk with you about upgrading to the latest version of Tendenci so that you can take advantage of all these features and those that are yet to come!

Design Options

Want a fresh, new look?

Design choices change over time. If you are ready for an updated mobile-focused layout, let our design team work with you on building a site that connects with today's audience.

Like your current design?

Let our development team build a site that complements your current look and feel. Not all designs translate well to mobile. We will review your design and consult with you on any adjustments needed for optimal display. 

Make the Jump

Technology moves fast. If your site is over two years old, it is time to upgrade now and not get caught facing the expiration of older products. While we are currently still supporting older versions of Tendenci, we are focusing all new development on the latest technologies available.

Don’t get left behind – upgrade today!

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Tendenci keeps getting better.
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