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Tendenci for Nonprofit Organizations 



Houston Library Foundation Association

“The team did a great job of visually capturing and presenting what the foundation is all about and Tendenci CMS makes it easy to add and edit content to keep the site fresh and lively.”

- Maya Houston, Executive Director

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Houston Museum District

“We are thrilled that the website is so intuitive and easy to update – even for those who have never used a CMS before. By keeping the information fresh, we can accurately capture how exciting and active the district is. The fact that Tendenci is now open source also gives us a greater sense of control.”

- Laurette Canizares, Executive Director

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Tendenci for Institutions of Higher Education


Rice University's James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy

“The biggest thing that led us to make this decision was the ultimate control of what we are able to do.

Tendenci is very intuitive. I can train several people here and have processes in place that easily allow us to edit, modify and change things on a very regular basis. We were hamstrung on our old website because we relied on a third party in another city to make updates for us. It was costly and time consuming. Now we can do it in a matter of a few moments.

As we need to stay on top of and remain relevant in terms of the debate that’s going on, this increased level of control enables us to be much more reactive to things that are going on in the news and in the world.”

- Ryan Kirksey, director of operations and finance

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Tendenci for Associations


The International Association of Innovation Professionals

"We selected Tendenci based on the fact that it was purpose-built for associations, which means it has a feature set that gives our association the ability to do everything we wanted online without further customization.

We have members around the world, so the website is an essential tool for organizing the innovation community and keeping them updated on developments in our organization and profession."

- Brett Trusko, President and CEO

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IABC Houston Tendenci Website Chosen as 2013 International IABC Website of the Year!

IABC Houston’s Tendenci website was selected by the International committee from more than 100 IABC chapters in 80 countries around the world!

Tendenci makes it easy for IABC Houston to maintain its local flavor through the IABC Houston calendar view, powered by Tendenci’s calendar event management package.

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Tendenci for Health Care Organizations


Mental Health Care of Greater Houston

“To keep people coming back, we keep the information on the website fresh, which is easy to do with the Tendenci CMS video gallery, photo album and home page rotator features.”

- Traci Patterson, Director of Communications

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HealthBridge Children's Hospital

"We needed more control over our content. Our previous system was a nightmare because it was so difficult to make changes that we usually avoided it, which made our old site static and stale. Instead of waiting two or three weeks for content to be updated, Tendenci enables us to go in and immediately make changes ourselves.”

- Maureen Arvanetakis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

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Case Study: Tendenci + Responsive Web Design


The Children's Museum of Houston has seen an 85% increase in Mobile Traffic after the implementation of Responsive Design with Tendenci CMS

Since implementing Responsive Design for the Children's Museum of Houston in summer 2012, we have see traffic increases of:

  • 18% increase in Traffic Overall
  • 85% increase in Mobile Traffic
  • 90% increase in Tablet Traffic year over year

Mobile Visitors have also been increasingly engaged in the site, visiting more pages than ever before!

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