Getting Set-Up to Use Tendenci Newsletters

Tendenci CMS includes integration functionality with Campaign Monitor's email marketing software.  The integration allows for RSS content from your Tendenci website to be automatically included in your email newsletters when you are creating your campaigns and Tendenci automatically syncs new members and email subscribers on your website with your email newsletter subscriber lists.

Campaign Monitor Monthly Fees

Please note that sending email newsletter campaigns through Campaign Monitor and Tendenci is a separate monthly charge.  A credit card is required and the monthly pricing plan for unlimited campaigns is based on the total number of subscribers you have:



Creating the Newsletter Template

To use the email newsletter tools, you will also need an email newsletter template that is designed specifically for Campaign Monitor's software and uploaded through Tendenci's "Add a Template" upload tool.  

We include a free, basic email newsletter template with the RSS-to-Email code for your Tendenci website for all of our Jumpstart and Custom clients who opt to use Campaign Monitor for their email marketing software. 

Before we can design your email newsletter template, you will want to select the colors for your design and determine if you want to add your logo to the newsletter.  Here are examples of the different email newsletter design elements and your options.  Take a look and write down what you want for your email newsletter template and we will customize the template with your selected options, add the integration code, and upload it to your Tendenci website. 

Selecting Your Newsletter Colors and Other Custom Options

You can also access Campaign Monitor's template builder to design additional newsletter templates yourself, for free, once you're set-up with your account.  


There are 3 parts to your email newsletter layout that have customization options for colors: the Header, Content, and Footer.  The Header is where your logo and social sharing links are placed.  The Content is the main part of your email newsletter where you'll be able to add a variety of different content boxes that can contain images and text.  The Footer section is where your physical address goes and you can add a tagline or slogan.

To simplify color selection for your email newsletters, you can opt to allow us to simply match your email newsletter to your website's color theme.  We would design your newsletter template to match the fonts and colors of backgrounds, text, links, and other items to the exact colors on your Tendenci website.  

Here are some examples of color themes you can select for your email newsletters: 



The Header

When selecting options for your Header, you will want to select the background color, text color, and the color for hyperlinked text.  You also will want to determine if you'll have an image in your header, (for example, your logo), and if the image will be left or right justified, or centered on the newsletter template: 



Examples of the Email Header with Logo Right Justified, Left Justified, and Centered:


The Content

Your email newsletter template will come with the ability to add a variety of different content box types and you can mix and match them inside the same newsletter campaign.  This allows you to customize each newsletter campaign with just one newsletter template.  


To customize colors for the content of your email newsletters, you would just select colors for the background, titles, hyperlinked text and paragraph text:



The Footer

The footer of your email newsletter must contain your organization's postal address where you receive mail.  If you have multiple physical locations, you only need to include one and typically this would be your headquarters or primary office.  


You'll select color options for your footer's background, text, hyperlinked text, and your address text if you desire.  Typically, the colors you use for your header are the same colors used in your email newsletter template's footer.


Selecting Your Newsletter Font

You also have an option of fonts for your email newsletter template.  Below are examples of the 4 different font family options for you to select from.  Each newsletter template supports one of these four options:

courier-new-courier-font-option.png helvetica-arial-font-option.png

Courier, New Courier, Mono       

    Helvetica Neue, Arial Helvetica, Geneva, Sans-Serif

lucida-font-selection.png times-new-roman-georgia-font-option.png

Lucida Grande, Lucida, Veranda, Sans-Serif

Georgia, Times New Roman, Serif

The Finished Newsletter Template

Here is an example of what your email newsletter template would look like.  We've included each of the different content box types that you can incorporate in your newsletters.  Once you've selected your newsletter template design elements, we'll design your template, add the integration codes for your Tendenci website, and upload the template to your Tendenci Newsletter Dashboard.  Then, you are ready to start sending email marketing campaigns!


Custom Newsletter Templates and Additional Templates

Are you looking for custom design elements beyond what we've shown you here?  Contact our sales team at for a quote on a custom email newsletter template design.  We'll work with you to create exactly the newsletter template design you envision and we'll add the Tendenci integration code.  

Talk to us about designing additional templates for your organization for announcements related to:

  • Your Website's Recent Jobs Listings
  • Holiday Themes: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Halloween, etc.
  • Upcoming Events Your Hosting 
  • Promote Your Sponsors
  • Product Gallery
  • And More!

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