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The release of Tendenci version 12 coincides with the upgrades to the underlying software platforms on which Tendenci is built. From a structural perspective, Tendenci now:

  1. Supports Python 3.6 or newer
  2. Requires Django 2.2 LTS. Django 1.11 is no longer supported.

Upgrading the structure provides ongoing security and scalability for Tendenci. All of our clients sites are now on version T12.  Follow the instructions to upgrade from 11X to 12.0

Tendenci continues to evolve, adding new features and improving the user experience. While small fixes, improvements and patches are continuously pushed out, some of the larger changes you will see upon upgrading include:


  1. Updated membership backend UX.
  2. Added an option for non-renewing members to stop receiving notices. Some sites set up several reminder notices to members as they approach expiration. Sometimes a member will respond upon receipt of the first notice that they are not interested in renewing. This option allows admin to turn off notices for them.


  1. Enforced No Email flag on newsletter send. If selected, newsletter send will not send emails to members that have opted for Don't Send Email in their profile.
  2. Restricted non-administrators from sending newsletters to certain groups.


  1. Removed .doc and .xls from the allowed file upload extensions for the security reason. Besides the general threats, determining the mime type for the .doc and .xls files (generated by old MS Word and MS Excel) requires feeding the entire file content due to their format not complying with the standard.


  1. Resolved the issue about tinymce menu not showing on fullscreen for events add/edit.


  1. Avoided unrelated youtube videos being displayed when video finishes.


  1. Updated Meta title to remove the 100 characters limit and the silly "..." for articles and news.
  2. Tightened password requirements. 1) The default password regex is used if not set up in site settings. 2) Added password requirements check on profile add and change password forms.


This list will be updated as new features are released.

For a full list of all updates associated with each push, follow us on on Github.




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