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2011-05-PBS-Ed-Schipul-by-SarahmWorthy-for-DPK-1131.jpgThe Tendenci speakers bureau is constantly innovating and refining our presentation topics for organizations that serve the nonprofit and association communities. Our expert presenters have spoken at NTEN, SXSW Interactive and various chapters of the American Society of Association Executives. Our articles regarding how nonprofits can use their websites to boost fundraising and increase member engagement have been published by The Nonprofit Times, Nonprofit World, Association News and Association Trends, among many other trade publications.

Take a look at a few of our presentation topics and let us know if one is exactly what you have been looking for! Every presentation is tailored to speak the best to your specific audience.

Presentation lengths can vary from 25 minute luncheon presentations to 2-5 hour workshops. We've spoken to small intimate networking groups all the way to international conferences with hundreds of attendees.

Sample Internet marketing and Social Media presentations

Level Up Your Fundraising

This was recently presented at the 2013 Nonprofit Technology Conference. The presentation focuses on the challenge of engaging website visitors and motivating them to take action – whether through online donations, event registration, membership signup, or any of the many types of online transactions available on NPO websites. Online giving increased nearly 11 percent in 2012 compared to 2011, but it still represents less than 10 percent of total fundraising revenue. The Schipul team offers easily implemented tips for nonprofits to accelerate growth in online fundraising. Successful nonprofits need the information site visitors are seeking, in a format they can navigate, and they must present information in a way that prompts visitors to take action. Learn some of the common mistakes made by many nonprofits that make it difficult for supporters to donate online, and soak up the seven tips for using psychology in online marketing to increase online fundraising.


Turn Your Nonprofit Website Into a Fundraising Machine

Today your brand is social, so how can you leverage that fact to boost your fundraising? This presentation focuses on identifying stories that best illustrate how your organization responsibly uses donations to address community needs. With the philosophy that technology should remove barriers that stand in the way of fundraising, Tendenci's experts explain how to capture a website visitor in the first seven seconds and how to improve website navigation to ensure you keep the Web user interested throughout their browsing experience. But clicking through a site is just the start -- is your website truly social with content that is easily shareable? The discussion will touch on the importance of making it easy for intersted people to help expand your reach to more potential donors than you could ever touch on your own.


The Mobile Web is Changing Communications

This presentation explores the ways nonprofits can capitalize on evolving user behaviors to be more relevant and advance their marketing initiatives. Microsoft Tag has predicted that by 2014, mobile Internet will overtake desktop Internet usage. According to mobiThinking.com, there are 5.9 billion mobile subscribers — 87 percent of the world population. Meanwhile, more than 300,000 apps have been developed in the past 3 years and downloaded more than 10.9 Billion times. The use of smartphones and other mobile devices to connect via talk, text, social media apps, the Web, games and video is the most important trend communicators must understand and master. The current change in the communications landscape is just as significant as the rise of e-mail and the Web in the mid-1990s, and just like that seismic shift, the various demographic groups are displaying vastly different norms and behaviors, which makes the challenge that much more complex. 


Injecting FUN Into Your Nonprofit's Online Persona  

Everyone is attracted by fun. We all want to be involved in organizations that are vibrant and active. So does your organization's online presence project the image of a fun and active place doing exciting and important things? This presentation examines why fun is an important element of every nonprofit's online persona -- especially in an era when nearly 70 percent of respondents to a New York Times survey said they share online to give people a better idea of who they are and what they care about. Tendenci's experts also will show how nonprofits and associations can take advantage of the things you are probably already doing to maximize the interest of those who are already interested as well as those who were just passing by.


Don't Be Afraid of Analytics: Modern Website Management Fundamentals

This presentation examines why it is essential to master the science of the Web, such as analytics and search engine optimization (SEO) or risk becoming obsolete. Website analytics and SEO have become essential skills for anyone wanting to call the shots for organizational communications. Tendenci's experts will walk participants through how they can discover aspects of website performance metrics they’ve never known existed, identify the benchmarks to use and select the statistical analyses that offer the most valuable strategic insight. Participants will also learn how to use online tools – many of which are free – to identify and research target communities and to discover what words and phrases the community uses when describing products and services.


DIY Email Marketing

In a world where most every website and nonprofit has some sort of newsletter content to offer, you have to work hard to keep your audience engaged and subscribed. Tendenci's experts can explain how your audience can connect with their website visitors, customers and members by sending them informative and consistently branded e-newsletters. There are a variety of great online tools that makes sending out the latest news and site updates to your various mailing lists quick and easy. For specifics on the tips to be discussed, check the article DIY Email Marketing and Newsletters and click through the presentation slides below.


Micro Blogs: How to Tell a Story on a Dime

This presentation examines the push toward communications that can be quickly disseminated, consumed and shared, and the implications for all organizatoins. Texting, tweeting, Facebook posts and Instagram photo captions are all illustrations of the trend toward brief written communication. They can be written, disseminated, consumed and shared in seconds, creating enormous opportunities for organizations seeking to connect and strengthen relationships with a range of communities. Tendenci's experts can keep your audience engaged while examining these trends and the hottest micro blogging platforms, and describe best practices in brief storytelling that get results.


Why Personal Brands Can Help Your Nonprofit

Branding is going personal now that technologies enable individuals to create their own media enterprises, and many nonprofits and associations are struggling to adapt. Nonprofit leaders who wonder what to do next to translate the social media involvement of personnel and members / donors / volunteers will be guided through this new terrain with some of Tendenci’s actionable advice on implementation. Establish a clear policy. Conduct an audit. Encourage others to participate in the conversation. Promote them. Keep them in the loop. Ed also provides ammunition that will help you sell investing in social media to your CEO.

PRSA Georgia Personal Brand Era talk by Ed Schipul

Your Nonprofit's Brand is Out of Control

Facebook users are your nonprofit's employees, volunteers, their friends and sometimes critics. Now that we have hyper-connected social media, what do we do to make sure tools such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and online videos are used responsibly in your nonprofit's workplace? What are the pros and cons of your coworkers staying in touch 24/7? How can you get the most out of your connections without crossing the line? For that matter, where is the line? Our presenter can address the social network boundaries and etiquette that come along with constant connection and interaction along with ways your company or organization can utilize those to your full advantage. Expect to learan about transparency, branding and crisis management, including what to do when things go wrong.


Social Media Basics for Nonprofits

As social media technologies have matured, two things have become clear: it is hard to keep up with emerging trends and tools, and the technologies are useless without a good story. Schipul's social media experts break it down in an easy-to-understand presentation that can help your audience immediately develop and implement social media strategies that will open communictions between your organization and the communities you care about. This isn't just about technology -- we will also discuss the importance of consistent tone, messages that resonate, great characters, plot lines people are interested in, and how to handle critics and negativity.


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