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Online Payment Management

Tendenci Streamlines Online Payments with Effortless Money Management

Tendenci includes all the tools you need to accept online payments on your website, create professional-looking invoices, organize your online financial transactions, and generate accurate reports. 


Online Invoicing Example in TendenciCreate, Search and View Invoices Online

You won’t need an accounting degree to manage incoming revenue with our integrated payment gateways and automated invoice module. 

Tendenci automatically generates an invoice for each website transaction.  Invoices are color-coded, making it easy to distinguish between event registration invoices, membership invoices, and other transaction types from the Preview List. 

Open individual invoices and you have the ability to add additional notes, adjust the balance, print the invoice and view the full payment history.  Invoices are easy to search and access inside the Tendenci Invoice module saving you time when you need to find one.  Tendenci makes it simple to integrate your online transactions with your financial and accounting software too. Just export your invoices into a .csv file for quick importation!



Improve Your Cashflow with Online Payment Integration

Tendenci includes integrated online payment gateways allowing your members and clients to pay you quickly with a credit card on your website.  Tendenci saves you from waiting on checks in the mail, deposit trips to the bank and delays while funds clear.  Money received through your website transactions are automatically deposited into your bank or merchant account.  Our online payment gateway lets you access and use the money within 1-2 days on average depending on your merchant account provider.



Online Registration Payment in Tendenci

Automate Your Online Payments

Set-up recurring billing through our online payment gateway and automate your cashflow so you can focus on more important tasks.  Enable auto-renewal for memberships and encourage your customers to sign-up for automatic billing online for regularly occurring charges.  You can stop wasting time sending out reminders for payments, tracking who still needs to pay for an event, and wondering if and when past due funds will be available for you to access. 



Secure Your Payments

Protecting your organization’s and your customers’ information is our #1 priority always.  Your customers’ data is stored using the latest in encryption and tokenization and our merchant account providers are PCI Compliant, ensuring your customer data and transactions are handled safely and securely.  Your customers’ credit card information is never saved inside your Tendenci website, providing your customers with a trust-worthy and private way to pay.

Tendenci’s payment gateways work just like credit card swipe machines you use at your local grocery store, only instead of swiping their card – customers enter their card information on a secure website page within your website.  The gateway validates your customers’ credit card information and then electronically transfers the funds from their account to your merchant account where you can access the funds. 



Tendenci Tested and Approved Merchant Account Providers

We have spent the last 10 years researching and testing online payment options so that you don’t have to.  You can select between three of the most trusted and most reliable online merchant account providers to connect with Tendenci’s payment gateway – Authorize.Net, PayPal PayFlow Link and First Data. Once you’ve signed up, simply update the merchant account and payment fields in Tendenci Global Settings and your website is ready to accept online payments.


Tendenci Payment Gateway Partners

Authorize.Net has been a leader in online payment gateways for small businesses since 1996 and they feature a no-nonsense gateway that works and is fast.  Authorize.Net can set your organization up with a merchant account at no charge if you don’t already have one.  They offer an eCheck service as an option to allow you to accept checks online in addition to credit and debit cards. 

First Data offers everything from Point of Sale (POS) terminals, online payment gateways, to ATM’s.  They are ideal for organizations that need online payments as well as physical POS payment capabilities.  First Data also offers optional customer loyalty gift card services that help you create, market, and manage gift card and gift certificate programs. 

PayPal's Payflow payment gateway processes $74 billion in online business every year. Payflow payment gateway includes everything you need to connect your online business to your Internet merchant account using any major processor. Payflow is pre-integrated to work with all the most popular shopping carts and e-commerce solutions.

All three merchant account providers offer amazing customer service and state of the art technology to ensure reliable and secure payment processing.  Their prices are competitive and in almost all cases, cheaper than using a 3rd party processing package.  It is simple to apply for a merchant account for your professional organization and even easier to manage payments through your Tendenci website for event registrations, memberships, donations, online store fronts, and other online payment transactions.  Learn more about applying for a merchant account and getting set-up with a Tendenci Merchant Account Plan.



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