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Email Marketing Integration

Tendenci's Integration with Campaign Monitor Simplifies Your Email Marketing Campaigns!

You need a way to communicate with your members, sponsors, donors, volunteers to build awareness within your community. Tendenci gives you quick access to your Campaign Monitor's email marketing tools and reports from right inside your website! 

Great for Those New to Campaign Monitor or New to Tendenci:

  • Existing Campaign Monitor clients can easily add their account when they migrate to Tendenci
  • Never used Campaign Monitor? Just let us know and we'll get you set-up when we are setting up your Tendenci website!



Automatically Create Email Newsletters with Content from Your Tendenci Website

Campaign Monitor's RSS-to-Email template feature enables you to select content from your Tendenci website using RSS feeds, customized by module to automatically create email newsletters with the latest news and events you've added to your website.  

In just minutes, not hours, you have a beautiful, relevant newsletter ready to email.

Design Email Newsletter Templates Without Graphic Design Training:

Designing email newsletter templates using Campaign Monitor's Template Editor is so much fun and you won't need any expensive design software or training to make newsletter templates.  We'll even provide you with one free template that's personalized to match your Brand's colors when you sign-up to host a Community Jumpstart or Custom Tendenci website with us.

Campaign Monitor also offers more than 30 free templates that you can download and integrate into your Tendenci email module. Want additional custom designs? We make that affordable too!

Some of the ways we've integrated Campaign Monitor into our Tendenci Newsletter Module:

  • Access your Campaign Monitor dashboard from within your Tendenci website (requires separate login)

  • View newsletter templates and sent Campaigns

  • Automatically incorporate content from your website into your email newsletter like Events, Job Listings, News Announcements, and Articles using RSS feeds

  • New Groups and Members created on your website are automatically added to subscriber lists for email campaigns.

Campaign Monitor Reporting view with Tendenci

Measure and Compare Campaigns and Generate In-Depth Analytic Reports

Tendenci's Newsletter Module takes email marketing seriously and gives you the full bundle of analytics tools courtesy of Campaign Monitor. You can measure, track, and monitor your newsletter campaigns, compare multiple campaigns, and view accurate campaign reports with incredible drill-down capabilities.  

Personalize Your Newsletters, Automatically

Campaign Monitor's newsletter campaign tools let you easily segment your subscriber lists, create A/B split testings with a click of your mouse, and set-up autoresponders and drip campaigns.  Check out all of the great features and how they work.

It Will Take You Longer to Read About All the Features Than To Create Your First Newsletter.

If you want to save time and skip reading, you can watch this video demonstrating how simple it is to edit and create an email newsletter:


Read All About It:

The tools and features included in Tendenci's Newsletter Module will skyrocket your email marketing campaigns and help engage your current subscribers as well as grow your list and your organization.

Drafting your newsletter with the WYSIWYG newsletter editor gives you the ability to add text, images, and even personalized greetings for your members. The unique vertical layout lets you see exactly how your newsletter looks while you edit and add content to it.

Automate your email marketing and create autoresponder campaigns, easy A/B split tests, and schedule delivery for any day of the week and time of day. Your campaign will be sent precisely when you schedule it - or send your email campaign as soon as it's ready to go. Each time someone registers or joins your website, their information is automatically added to your email subscriber lists. Create a new Tendenci Group or Member Type, and Tendenci automatically creates a segmented list with the same name and auto-populates it with Group and Member contact information, keeping your lists organized and up-to-date.

Send your email newsletter and the real fun begins. You'll receive an email notification confirming your campaign has gone out with a link to your campaign's reporting dashboard and a link to the WorldView for your campaign. (You have GOT to see this demo of WorldView!) Go to the Snapshot view of your campaign and quickly view open rates, click rates, see which links are clicked the most, bounces, unsubscribes, who shared your newsletter with a friend and more! The reporting and analytical tools included with Tendenci Newsletters will help you track your results and improve future campaigns.

Templates That Won't Break When You Press Send.

Each template design has been tested in all the common email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail, most mobile email platforms and more! Your email newsletters will arrive in your members' email boxes looking exactly like you intended.

Campaign Monitor's template system saves the newsletter to a campaign instead of the original template design. Start each newsletter with a clean newsletter template without affecting your original template design. This also lets you view past newsletters saved by campaign to review whenever you need to.

Pricing That Won't Break Your Bank When You Press Send.

We'll provide the integration with your Campaign Monitor account free with your Tendenci website, you just pay for Campaign Monitor's newsletter software service.  

Campaign Monitor offers flexible pricing plans, available online at  Pay by the campaign, by the month, or select an unlimited monthly plan that's based on the number of subscribers you're sending to each month. 

Want to learn more about Tendenci Email Marketing?

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Learn about the CAN-SPAM Act and the best practices for permissions based marketing to improve your success with newsletters here: