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web content management system

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Tendenci's CMS Brings Your Most Recent Content to Your Homepage Automatically! 

Tendenci® includes an enterprise class web content management system for IMMEDIATE website content updates.

Edit text using the most recent Rich Text Editor, Tiny MCE WYSIWYG, for better looking dynamic web pages.

Tendenci® includes the ability to syndicate your content with RSS RSS 2.0 is Built Into Tendenci feeds.

The web content management system includes the ability to limit editing of pages to specific owners and those with delegated permissions. Or transfer permissions to another person.

Tendenci® provides an advanced user / membership directory security model for robust and scalable identity management and site authentication. This keeps your members information and your content and files secure. 

  • Tendenci® CMS is Open Source, and built in Python and Django for greater flexibility in design and fundtionality
  • Dynamic navigation capabilities
  • Search engine friendly content with dynamically generated search engine tags.
  • Gives the administrator control through a detailed approval process
  • Email notification to admin for content updates even where security is allowed so you know what content has been added and check up on the quality of the formatting.
  • CMS change control settings to note status on content like hold, pending, active, inactive and other statuses available for specific pages.
  • Completely integrated so your single sign-on handles authentication for accessing content across your website like posting new resumes or running reports.
  • Tendenci is unique in the number of different content type modules included like news releases, articles, events, jobs, resumes, business directories, donations, invoices, file management, and more... 

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