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Content Management

Tendenci Gives You Intelligent Control of Your Website Content

Tendenci Content Management Software (CMS)  gives you the resources to manage and organize your website content without having to know HTML or other complicated programming tools.


What is a CMS?

A website CMS like Tendenci allows you to add and edit content using a graphic user interface right inside your website to make site updates from any internet-connected computer. Tendenci's easy CMS allows your team to add new pages, incorporate rich media, and make edits as needed using a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor that makes adding and editing content possible for anyone on your team!


Easily Add & Edit Pages

All content on your website can be quickly added and formatted through Tendenci's WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor that is as easy to use as your favorite word processing program, and is available within every Tendenci module.

You don't need knowledge of HTML or code when you edit your site which saves you time and allows for immediate website updates - even for large enterprise websites.

Tendenci Easy CMS to Manage Website Content


Quickly Add Content through the Tendenci Admin Bar

The Tendenci Admin Bar was created with the end user in mind. From any page on your website, you can add or view content with a simple click. Each content module is available so you can always access your content quickly and easily.

Tiered Permissions

Tendenci allows you to customize tiered Permissions so you can give your staff and volunteers as much or as little access as they need to manage the content on the site.

Tendenci Admin Bar for Easy Content Management


Control Your Homepage Content through Featured Stories

Now you have control over your homepage content through the dynamic Tendenci Stories Module. Upload images with corresponding links to display news, events, featured sponsors and promotional items to engage or inform your site visitors. Stories can be categorized to send to multiple places within your website.


Access and Edit Templates, HTML and CSS

Tendenci provides you with full access to the HTML and Templates to easily change graphics or add new landing pages. This feature is for experienced programmers who would like to make advanced edits on the website, giving you as much or as little control as needed.

CSS Editor in Tendenci


Hear from Real Users! HealthBridge Children's Hospital Houston on Tendenci CMS

HealthBridge Children's Hospital Houston recently upgraded their website to Tendenci to better provide up to date resources and information to patients - who are often families in crisis.

“We needed more control over our content. Our previous system was a nightmare because it was so difficult to make changes that we usually avoided it, which made our old site static and stale. Instead of waiting two or three weeks for content to be updated, Tendenci enables us to go in and immediately make changes ourselves.”
Maureen Arvanetakis
Vice president of sales and marketing
for Nexus Health Systems

HealthBridge Children's Hospital Houston Tendenci Website

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