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About Tendenci - The Company

The Tendenci team has been building websites and helping organizations increase their revenue streams for over 20 years. Each year, we strive to do better and find new ways to help organizations expand their reach and grow their dual bottom line.

Our Mission is to Organize and Connect the World's People. Do Good.

A passion for service

Tendenci employees are selected for their passion to do good and encouraged to participate both inside and outside of their office hours with organizations that are focused on the same. You will find us volunteering at events, participating in fun runs, donating to worthy causes and giving back whenever possible. We love working with clients who want to change the world - it's why we took Tendenci open source! 

A commitment to our clients
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Decisions about the software and how to evolve the project all rotate around what would benefit our clients the most. What will help them reach their goals, expand their programs or better communicate? Tendenci was built from years of listening to our clients - and we've never stopped paying attention! One of the company books this year is Good to Great and the Social Sectors. We believe that to provide the best service to our clients, we must understand how nonprofits work. That's why our employees sit on multiple NPO boards, from education to the arts.


Want to join our team?

Check out what we look for in a future employee. Maybe you can join us.

A little company history

Schipul - The Web Marketing CompanyTendenci's story is intertwined with Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. In 1997, Ed Schipul quit his fulltime job as a software consultant for a large petroleum corporation and started his own web marketing company. Armed with a Political Science degree from Texas A&M, a background in programming and a fascination with social trends, Ed started building web sites that helped people communicate. Years of custom requests from his nonprofit clients led to the initial construction of Tendenci, a platform of tools that most organizations need, or could use, to increase both their communciation and revenue streams.

In 2004, Tendenci received its official name and was sold by Schipul to clients around the world, filling a need for affordable membership management and association website marketing software. Other membership software applications were either too costly, too technical or not robust enough to manage the complex transactions for membership management, email marketing, event management, and donations management. Tendenci was developed to solve these problems and provide a simpler, better, and cheaper solution.

In 2012, Tendenci was released as an open source product to extend its reach even further, allowing developers around the world the ability to download and build on the Tendenci platform. In November 2013, Schipul officially changed its name to Tendenci to focus on the expansion of the software and the developer community. No clients were harmed in the making of this move - Schipul remains as a professional service division of Tendenci, assisting nonprofits with marketing design and effective web site strategies.

Tendenci is a virtual company working in various cities but primarily in San Francisco CA and Houston TX.

Houston, TX (mailing address)
14027 Memorial Drive, Ste. 177
Houston, Texas 77079
(281) 497-6567

San Francisco, CA (we work out of COVO in SF)
981 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(281) 497-6567

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