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Tendenci is open source software that provides your organization with a website capable of managing your memberships, events, donations, and more to increase revenue to further your mission!


All the Features Your Nonprofit Website Needs Out of the Box

Since 1997, we've worked with hundreds of nonprofit websites to help these organizations increase visibility and increase funds to further their mission. We developed Tendenci with the unique needs of Nonprofits in mind.

Tendenci is built with all of the features your nonprofit website needs out of the box, including:

  • Membership Management
  • Content Management including Pages, Press Releases,
    Articles, and more!
  • Event Calendar and Online Registration
  • Online Donations and Fundraising
  • Online Job Board
  • Newsletters
  • Discussion Forums
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reports incuding Usage Reports and Invoice/
    Financial Reporting
  • Business Directories
  • Photos and Video Galleries

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How Much Does Tendenci Cost?

With Tendenci, you can pick and choose the options that Fit the Needs of Your Unique Organization.

No Monthly Contracts means you can increase or decrease your custom plan as things change within your organization.

  • Tendenci Set Up Cost starts at $0!!
  • Tendenci Ongoing Monthly Hosting starts at $169/month

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Client Spotlight!

Houston Public Library Foundation Tendenci Website

Houston Public Library Foundation Tendenci Website

“The team did a great job of visually capturing and presenting what the foundation is all about and Tendenci CMS makes it easy to add and edit content to keep the site fresh and lively.”


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Step 1. Choose Your Website Option


I want to build my own Tendenci site for FREE!

Want to skip the Setup Charges?

Use our DIY website builder to create a full-functional Tendenci site right now! Choose from one of our pre-built themes and enter your own content. Feeling adventurous? You will have full access to all HTML and CSS to customize your site to your heart's content.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial now! The fastest, easiest way to start taking advantage of the Tendenci software platform.


Set me up with a Tendenci Template starting at $8,000:

Want some assistance on design?

Give your website a fresh new look with one of our pre-built Tendenci Template Sites. Browse through our library of templates, choose your favorite design and we will have your new site up in running as quick as we can! 

Tendenci Templates include all of Tendenci's Core Features, and give you the ability to customize your template with HTML & CSS.


I want to start fresh with a custom design (call for a quote):

Want full customization? 

Our award-winning design team makes it easy for you to achieve amazing, professional-looking design while incorporating all of the Web marketing essentials.  We work hard to give you a beautiful, thoughtfully designed, search engine friendly Web site created specifically for your organization's unique needs.

Developers: DIY With Tendenci Open Source

Tendenci is open source, which means you can set up Tendenci absolutely free by downloading the Tendenci code from Github and running our Install Instructions.

Step 2. Choose Your Tendenci Hosting Package

We do not believe in per user licensing fees. Unlimited users, members and admins! Pay for the amount of processing you need to power your website! Below are recommendations based on experience.

Best for small groups with fewer than 1,000 members
Our most popular choice, this option works best for most organizations with an active membership
Best for associations with over 5000 members and corporate memberships that need additional processing power
Optional: Level Up Your Website
with Speed + Power Add Ons!

Choose the option that is right for you and the size of your organization. Tendenci is an open source software platform and can be hosted wherever you choose! Take advantage of our Managed Hosting Services which include Your Software, Website, Software Updates, Hosting, a Database for Your Contacts and Security Back-Ups for a Low Monthly Cost. All clients are month to month so no messy contracts to worry about.


Step 3. Contact Us!

Ready to get started? Contact us to discuss your options, answer any questions and schedule a software demo so you can see Tendenci in action! 

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