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Tendenci is software that provides your organization with a website capable of managing your memberships, events, donations, and more to increase revenue to further your mission!

Tendenci is the online solution for Non-Profit Organizations, providing a single, integrated platform to manage donations, fundraising and events, volunteers, and members within your non-profit’s website.Tendenci websites give you a way to engage your existing supporters and help new donors and members find your organization cost-effectively and without needing technical skills or a lot of time.


Organizations Using Tendenci


All the Features Your Nonprofit Website Needs Out of the Box

Since 1997, we've worked with hundreds of nonprofit websites to help these organizations increase visibility and increase funds to further their mission. We developed Tendenci Open Source CMS with the unique needs of Nonprofits in mind.

Tendenci includes all of the features your nonprofit website needs out of the box, including:

  • Membership Management
  • Content Management including Pages, Press Releases,
    Articles, and more!
  • Event Calendar and Online Registration
  • Online Donations and Fundraising
  • Online Job Board
  • Community Forums
  • Newsletters
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reports incuding Usage Reports and Invoice/Financial Reporting
  • Custom Report Writer
  • Business Directories
  • Photos and Video Galleries

See How These Non-Profit Organizations Increase traffic and donations with Tendenci:

Houston Public Library Foundation Tendenci Website

Houston Public Library Foundation Tendenci Website

“The team did a great job of visually capturing and presenting what the foundation is all about and Tendenci CMS makes it easy to add and edit content to keep the site fresh and lively.”


More Nonprofits Using Tendenci:


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