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This Week Tendenci is Celebrating Twenty-three Marvelous Years of Serving the World's People

Tendenci World's People Graphic Image by Tendenci

This week our team at Tendenci is celebrating twenty-three marvelous years of serving the world's people. So, cheers to our clients and to the Open Source Tendenci Community! Our success is yours. Your success is ours. 

Twenty-three years ago, our Founder and CEO Ed Schipul started this wonderful company which was first known as Schipul The Web Marketing Company and today, with a broader global vision, is known as Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. 

We would like to take this moment and express that we understand we are living through uncertain times due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has brought us all a deep economical shock. And it is especially in times like this, everyone needs to unite. 

Nothing is more satisfying to us than to continue to help organizations reach the far corners of the world, even through our hardest times.

Yes, we are all being challenged, but crushing coronavirus uncertainty is a must. And restoring the confidence of nonprofits and associations is our mutual goal. Greatfully, Tendenci software - being open source is the advantage we hold. Proudly. 

Building on last year's message from Founder and CEO Ed Schipul, we would like to reinforce our message - thankfulness is more important than ever before. 


"We started out with a vision of connecting people and communities throughout the world, and while the technology involved has changed rapidly over time, our commitment never has. 

Tendenci was built on the shared needs of organizations and nonprofits, designed by you to help people engage in fruitful discussion and support each other in individually specific ways.

Taking Tendenci open source was always the goal, a return to the roots of the Internet itself. Sharing information leads the way to bigger ideas, dreams that can be realized more quickly and more completely when we work together.

With developers around the world collaborating on Tendenci, the entire open source community benefits from a diversity of thought, a culmination of ideas that allow us all to step forward together. 

We could not have taken this journey without you and thank you all for your support throughout the years. Tendenci will continue to grow and expand, knocking down barriers and delivering communication opportunities to people of all nations, regardless of circumstance. 

Our vision and mission is still the same. To connect and organize the world’s people. Do good.

As a community, we can make that happen." - Ed Schipul


Tendenci thanks the Community for believing and supporting our strong and powerful secured open source software. Let's continue to reach the far corners of the world together. And remember, Our mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good

Happy Twenty-three Marvelous Years!


With love, 



About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS 

First established as Schipul - The Web Marketing Company | Headquartered in Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA | Tendenci - The Open Source Association Management Software is designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits and associations. Tendenci's mission is to Connect and Organize the World's People. Do Good. Tendenci has been building websites and helping organizations increase their revenue streams around the world for over 20 years. Tendenci was written in Python, PostgreSQL, Django and is fully open source. All of the code is on GitHub https://github.com/tendenci/tendenci



Tendenci AMS Software Market Projection Thrives WorldWide

It is great to see again an independent third party rank Association Management Software from a global perspective. As a part of the Tendenci AMS Community, we will let the summary from HTF on market growth and Tendenci's Global Share speak for itself. 

Tendenci - The Open Source AMS continues to grow globally, we believe, because it is a community much more than anything else. Open Source is the voice of the people - a shared language that brings us together. 

HTF - Pie Chart AMS Market WorlWide Tendenci Thrives






















Source: http://dailymarketinsight.com/17179/association-management-software-market-is-thriving-worldwide-tops-professional-in1touch-raklet/


July 2019 Market Share Report

HTF - Pie Chart















From the report: 

Global Association Management Software Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 is latest research study released by HTF MI evaluating the market, highlighting opportunities, risk side analysis, and leveraged with strategic and tactical decision-making support. The study provides information on market trends and development, drivers, capacities, technologies, and on the changing capital structure of the Global Association Management Software Market. Some of the key players profiled in the study are Cvent Event Management, TOPS Professional, in1touch, Raklet, Book-It Membership Software, Tendenci, Personify360, Aptify. 

THANK YOU to all of the developers out there who are contributing, translating, updating and maintaining a very complex piece of software. AMS software that is inclusive of other languages and cultures, and a team that believes in security and privacy. Lets continue to do good today, and tommorrow even more, together. 

All of the code is on github, documentation on readthedocs, and translation is crowd-sourced on Transifex. Self host or host with us, your choice, your data, your association. 







AIFIC Bridges Italian and American Culture with Their New Tendenci Site

San Francisco, CA — December 9, 2017

"The American Initiative for Italian Culture (AIFIC)'s mission is to enrich the cultural exchange between the United States and Italy through bi-lateral exchange programs with a goal to fostering greater appreciation and understanding of both the American and Italian cultures."  Since 2013, they have been producing and sponsoring events and programs in Contemporary Art, Literature, and Music.

AIFIC Responsive Mockups

With a custom feed to highlight events and news in each category of programming, the AIFIC site directs users to the information the're looking for quickly.  The built-in newsletter feature included in Tendenci allows AIFIC to stay in touch with their members and manage their mailing list seamlessly. 


About Tendenci - The Open Source AMS
Headquartered in Houston with an office in San Francisco, Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products

Tendenci also powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public PolicyDePelchin Children's Center, and Americans Citizens Abroad, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci - The Open Source AMS is available here.

Tendenci 7.4.0 Release Notes

Release Summary

The team at Tendenci has been working to make improvements to our T7 software. The batch of updates noted in this release are mostly centered on: the Tendenci Nav, Reports, and Newsletters. You can look for these changes on your T7 site.

Notable changes:

  1. New top menu (for both admin and logged in users)
  2. Newsletters format update and clone feature
  3. Reports format update (including invoices, memberships, ..)
  4. Events views - Added sub menu for month view, week view, day view
  5. Separated join approval and renewal approval for membership notices
  6. Wysiwyg editor - Enabled the image title input field in the image dialog. Added class dropdown to the tinymce link dialog box
  7. Updated the directories categories to make it easy manage
  8. Added drag-drop functionality to the testimonials
  9. Added memberships overview report
  10. Added a link on Profile page to view past events.
  11. More minor changes


  1. (Security) Disabled GZipMiddleware to prevent BREACH attacks
  2. (Security) Prevent fraudulent simultaneous reuse of PayPal transactions
  3. Resolved the issue regarding manage.py hangs when caching is enabled. Re-enabled the cache for site settings.
  4. Resolved the subprocess venv issue.
  5. Fixed exports for directories, jobs, resumes, pages.
  6. Fixed "Most Viewed Files" report.
  7. More fixes

Tendenci Nav

The Tendenci Nav has been reorganized to help you find what you're looking for. We hope you'll take the time that review your new Tendenci Nav and get familiar with some of these changes. Here's a screenshot of what it should look like: *For all of these updates, some sites will display slightly different fonts and design features based on the site theme.

Screenshot of Tendenci Navigation


Updates in the Reports module includes consolidation of all reports into their own Tendenci Nav item.

Screenshot of Tendenci Reports Menu

This release also includes an update to the Invoices module, making invoices faster to browse visually in a table-based format. To view Invoices in the new navigation on your site, click: Reports > 5. Financial > Invoicing.

Screenshot of Tendenci Invoices List


The Newsletters module works almost exactly the same as before. We have made a few features a little bit easier to use. For example, if you'd like to re-assign the newsletter to a different group, you can now do so even after you've generated the Newsletter in the first step. We've also made some layout improvements that take advantage of Bootstrap's framework. The "clone" feature has also been added to this module. With clone, you can send a test e-mail, then clone it and send it to your target audience rather than copying and pasting the contents from the first send.

Screenshot of Tendenci Newsletter Edit Menu

Have software updates you'd like to share? Fork us on Github! Special thanks to @PaulSD for lots of fixes and updates!

Reveille Club of Houston Launches New Open Source Tendenci Website

Reveille Club Returns to the Tendenci Platform for Membership and Event Management Features

Reveille Club of Houston WebsiteHOUSTON, February 3, 2016 –Tendenci (www.tendenci.com), the software development company spearheading the Tendenci Open Source platform for associations and other nonprofits (NPOs), is proud to release a dynamic membership website for the Reveille Club of Houston. The website, http://www.reveille.org, promotes local networking events for Aggies and non-Aggies alike to build new business relationships in the Houston area.

Tendenci Open Source was released as an open source solution for associations and non-profits to give membership organizations greater freedom and control over their online presence.

The Reveille Club of Houston is focused on building a professional community in the Houston area for friendship and networking. The club hosts weekly breakfast meetings and monthly luncheons for an opportunity to hear informative speakers and network with other professionals. All events are open to everyone in the community, regardless of alumni or membership status.

Reveille Club moved to a different platform a few years ago and then returned to Tendenci for the Event Management and Job Board features. While the weekly breakfast meetings are "cash at the door" events, the Houston Aggie Women require registration and prior payment for their plated luncheons. Having the ability to load speaker information, accept online registration and payments, run a check-in roster and send automatic event reminders make Tendenci an ideal choice for their group.

The flexible Content Management System included with the Tendenci platform also provides quick and easy inhouse management of site content. Volunteers with the organization are able to promote upcoming events, highlight recent news, revise page content and post photos using a simple, non-technical inteface.

As Aggies, we are especially pleased and proud to be supporting the Reveille Club and providing a platform on which they can run the association.

Tendenci has more than 1 million users and currently powers hundreds of websites for organizations around the world, including the San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group (www.sfbig.org), the New York Emmy Awards (www.nyemmys.org) and the Houston Technology Center (www.houstontech.org).

- Follow Tendenci on Twitter: @tendenci
- Like Tendenci on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tendenci

About Tendenci
Headquartered in Houston with an office in Silicon Valley, Tendenci (www.tendenci.com) develops the Tendenci Open Source platform tailor-made for the unique needs of membership organizations including associations and other nonprofits. Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall and just earned a spot in Capterra's Top 20 Membership Management Software Products. Tendenci powers the websites of the Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy, the Houston Susan G. Komen Foundation and Advance.org, among hundreds of others. Tendenci also offers web design services and integrates other open source applications into the websites of its international client base. Tendenci Open Source powers websites that encompass a variety of NPO and industry segments around the world. Additional information about Tendenci is available at www.tendenci.com.


Tendenci Ranks #13 in Capterra Top 20 Membership Management Software Products

capterra-featured-top20-membership-badge.pngTendenci, an open source product, ranked #13 in the Capterra Top 20 Membership Management Software Products list. 

In a crowded field of providers, Tendenci stood out for its open source structure, an option that provides the ultimate flexibility and freedom in the MMS marketspace.

Out of the top 20 products, Tendenci ranked #2 in Twitter followers and #4 in Facebook followers, underscoring the company's focus on building community among its users and developers.

Many thanks to all of our hosted clients, self-hosted users and Tendenci developers that continue to build and shape the product in a manner that benefits the entire Tendenci community!

The Capterra list ranks products based on a weighted scoring system based on a number of different metrics. See the full list. And it is embedded below.

Top Membership Management Software

We'd like to congratulate all of the companies on the list for doing great things for the NPO community. These are all people trying to make the world a better place and to help membership associations and non-profits. Membership management software is quite complicated so it's a great group of people to be ranked with.

A special tip of the hat to Wild Apricot for being ranked number 1.

What makes Tendenci different? Tendenci is Free and Open Source Software FOSS licensed under the GPL. In English that means the Tendenci Membership Management code is readily available and documented here you don't have to even host with us. There is a lot of value in hosting with us, but perhaps you prefer or are required to install software locally. Well, you pick!

Freedom is pretty cool, huh?

In closing - THANK YOU to companies like Capterra, NTEN, and Techsoup for providing guidance to the community, a community that we are all committed to helping.

For more information on Tendenci feel free to contact us or post a question in our forums.

Schipul – The Web Marketing Company Becomes Tendenci

Rebranding Aligns Company Name with Focus on Tendenci® Open Source CMS Platform

tendenci_logo.jpegHOUSTON, November 18, 2013 – To better align its corporate identity with the company’s current and future focus, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company has changed its name to Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. The change illustrates the company’s commitment to the Tendenci® Open Source content management system (CMS) for nonprofits. The company will continue to provide Web marketing services to current and future customers through its Schipul Web Marketing business unit.

“After building the Schipul brand since 1997 to be among the leaders in Web marketing in Houston, this is not a change we took lightly,” said Ed Schipul, CEO of Tendenci - The Open Source AMS. “We have a window of opportunity to make Tendenci Open Source CMS the world’s leading OPEN - Source software platform for nonprofit organizations (NPOs), associations and other cause-related organizations – and nothing can illustrate our laser focus on the open Tendenci community like changing our name to Tendenci.”

Cause-related organizations make up a significant market. The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that more than 1.4 million NPOs are registered in the U.S., including nearly 1 million charities, nearly 100,000 private foundations and more than 360,000 other types of NPOs, including chambers of commerce, fraternal organizations and civic leagues. These organizations deserve an open source website management platform purpose-built for their unique technology needs.

“We have experienced growing interest and excitement around the Tendenci project, and we foresee tremendous opportunity for us to enable NPOs, associations and other cause-related organizations to connect and organize the world’s people and do good, which has been our vision since day one,” said Schipul. “We are redoubling our efforts to make it easy for the open source community to participate in the development of the Tendenci CMS platform for the benefit of thousands if not millions of cause-related organizations.”

Last year, following a decade of in-house development, Schipul released Tendenci CMS as an open source solution to give cause-related organizations greater freedom and control over their online presence. Tendenci Open Source CMS platform offers functionality purpose-built to serve the unique needs of these organizations, such as donation and fundraising management, online events management and registration, membership management, rich media management, integrated search engine optimization, and more.

Tendenci Open Source CMS has more than 1 million users and currently powers hundreds of websites for NPOs, associations and other cause-related organizations around the world, including Metropolitan New York Library Council (www.metro.org), Houston Technology Center (www.houstontech.org) and Depelchin™ Children’s Center (www.depelchin.org).

- Follow Tendenci on Twitter: @tendenci
- Like Tendenci on Facebook: www.facebook.com/tendenci

About Tendenci

Headquartered in Houston, Texas with an office in Silicon Valley, Tendenci (www.tendenci.com) develops the Tendenci Open Source CMS platform tailor-made for the unique needs of cause-related organizations including associations and other nonprofits. Tendenci is a revenue generating online tool with over one million users overall. Tendenci powers the websites of DePelchin Children's Center, Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles and Tony Chachere's® Creole Foods, among hundreds of others. Tendenci’s Schipul Web Marketing business unit provides web marketing services to an international client base that encompasses a variety of service industries in local, national and international markets. Additional information about Tendenci and Schipul is available here


Thank You. 

The Tendenci Team. 

Schipul Congratulates Houston Zoo for Web Site Honors at AMA Crystal Awards

Site Design was Team Effort by Schipul – The Web Marketing Company 
and Houston Zoo’s Marketing Department

HOUSTON, May 28, 2008 – Schipul – The Web Marketing Company (www.schipul.com), a Web marketing and Web design company based in Houston, is celebrating a pair of awards won by the Houston Zoo for its Web site. The Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association awarded the Houston Zoo a Crystal Award in the Web site – Non–profit category. The Zoo’s Web site and overall Web marketing strategy was recognized with an additional Crystal Award in the Maverick category as a favorite of the judges.

A panel of eight judges, all marketing professionals from outside the Houston area, evaluated a record number of entries. They assessed the success of marketing initiatives based on the challenge, objectives, strategy and results.

Launched a year ago the Houston Zoo’s Web site, www.houstonzoo.org, was designed by Schipul in coordination with the Zoo’s Marketing Department. The site is powered by the Tendenci® (www.tendenci.com) Web marketing application, which is developed and marketed by Schipul.

“We are proud of our ongoing relationship with the Houston Zoo and especially happy that our efforts contributed to generating measurable results,” said Ed Schipul, president and chief executive officer with Schipul – The Web Marketing Company. “Getting a special recognition as a favorite of the judges says a great deal about the creativity of the thinking and quality of the execution.”

Attracting 1.5 million visitors each year and home to more than 4,500 animals in over 200 exhibits, the Houston Zoo encourages appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world. The Zoo’s Web site brings that world to life online through subtle animation that has a three-dimensional quality and creates a lush look and feel. The site incorporates interactive tools, such as podcasts, really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, online event registration and online membership sign-up, renewal and upgrade.



About Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

Tendenci's story is intertwined with Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. In 1997, Ed Schipul quit his fulltime job as a software consultant for a large petroleum corporation and started his own web marketing company. Armed with a Political Science degree from Texas A&M, a background in programming and a fascination with social trends, Ed and his wife Rachel Schipul - started building web sites that helped people communicate. Years of custom requests from his nonprofit clients led to the initial construction of Tendenci, a platform of tools that most organizations need, or could use, to increase both their communciation and revenue streams. Read more about Ed Schipul.

In 2004, Tendenci received its official name and was sold by Schipul to clients around the world, filling a need for affordable membership management and association website marketing software. Other membership software applications were either too costly, too technical or not robust enough to manage the complex transactions for membership management, email marketing, event management, and donations management. Tendenci was developed to solve these problems and provide a simpler, better, and cheaper solution.

In 2012, Tendenci was released as an open source AMS SaaS product to extend its reach even further, allowing developers around the world the ability to download and build on the Tendenci platform. In November 2013, Schipul officially changed its name to Tendenci to focus on the expansion of the software and the developer community. No clients were harmed in the making of this move - Schipul remains as a professional service division of Tendenci, assisting nonprofits with marketing design and effective web site strategies.

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