Integrate your Blog within your Tendenci site and double your communication power!

Blogs are a great tool for keeping in touch with your membership, with minimal time and effort spent on your part. Blogging can even help you rank higher in search engines! Read more on Integrating Your WordPress Blog With Tendenci.

While the Tendenci Association Management Software is not a Blogging utility, our Web sites are built to be Blog-friendly. Our frameless site designs enable you to easily integrate your blog within your Web site to keep your branding consistent and increase traffic flow to your site.

Blogging on Tendenci

Have a quick Calendar Event update to share? Want to post your thoughts on this morning's breakfast meeting? A Blog gives you an easy vehicle to communicate with your members, whether it's as a main mode of communication or just something to hold you over until you get that next newsletter out.

In fact, Tendenci even maintains its own blog to keep our users up-to-date on software improvements, tips/tricks and industry trends:

When used with powerful Tendenci communication tools, like e-newsletters, search engine optimized press releases, RSS feeds and online forums, the Tendenci + Blog combination is unbeatable!

Why should your Association start blogging?

  1. Improve your membership dialogue - Blogs allow your users to leave comments and feedback to your posts. This great 2-way communication makes your association members feel valued and lets you know what's on their minds.
  2. Create an online community for your association - A regularly updated Blog keeps members coming back to your site and increases their interest and participation.
  3. Search engines love blogs - The more content you have on your site, the better your search engine ranking. 
  4. Build buzz - Blogs offer an instant forum for new ideas and event promotion. Generate excitement for upcoming events and don't forget to follow them up with interesting interviews and event wrap-up posts.
  5. It's fun! - The informal tone of Blogs can make posting to them a lot of fun. Spice things up and invite members to guest Blog for a fresh perspective and increased member participation.

So many Blog services, so little time

Tendenci is not a Blogging tool, but plays very friendly with Blogs! There are many Blogging utilities out there for you to use for integration within your Tendenci site. Here are a few that Schipul recommends:

  1. WordPress - A popular blogging utility for quick blog entries.
  2. Typepad - This simple blogging interface makes updates and image uploads a snap!
  3. Movable Type - Professional-grade blogging tool with very reasonable pricing for commercial and non-profit licenses.

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