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Whether we're talking about data security or physical security, safety and security are always top priorities.
Our team is headquartered in Houston, Texas, deep in the heart of hurricane country (The Gulf Of Mexico is our next-door neighbor).  We train our team to prepare themselves, their families and the company to be ready for whatever comes. And we pass along this culture of preparedness to you and your website!
Here are some sites and resources to help you, your family and business prepare and make it through hurricane season and beyond!  

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Here are a few way to stay in touch with the Tendenci team during emergencies:

Storm and Weather Resources for Houston Hurricane Watch

Preparedness Kits and Packing Lists for Emergencies:


Interactive online tool to help build an emergency kit

This creates a printable shopping list and walks you through the basics of stocking supplies. Place supplies in a large storage box so everything is together and labeled. If needed pull the box into the safest room in your house or loaded in the car if you have to leave quickly.
Very thorough, but takes a few minutes to go through the questions. Payoff… you can save and return later and it is very comprehensive to complete your steps to be more prepared. Printable task list for steps needing additional work.

Ready.gov hurricane preparedness documents

Helpful pages and tools on creating a hurricane preparedness plan. Including steps to take for evacuation or waiting it out and making a disaster supplies kit.


Firestorm's Disaster Ready People family emergency planning book

A Tendenci client, has published a handy emergency preparedness book. The books offer a monthly activity that will prepare your family for most disasters over a twelve month period.

Protecting Your Home During a Hurricane:



If you have any questions or need additional advice, let us know. The more prepared people are to handle unexpected emergencies, the faster we can recover and get back to the business of making clients happy!
Here are some resources for you to check out, divided into 'Need Help' and 'Want to Help?':
Need Help after a hurricane?
  1. FEMA - Apply for disaster assistance for you and your family
  2. Houston Red Cross - Find open shelters, food and water in the Houston area
  3. City of Houston - Updates on Ike and the city at large
  4. Governor's Emergency Management - Resources for Texas disaster recovery
  5. Houston electricity reports map
  6. Search for gas stations
  7. Houston SPCA - Get information on animal rescue
  8. State Bar of Texas - Legal resources

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