Why do we charge for Tendenci from the beginning of a project?

We charge for the use of Tendenci software (a charge which also includes hosting and Web site backups) from the beginning of a project because Tendenci software is USED from the very beginning of a project.

This means that even though your Web site is not visible to the world yet, you are using the Tendenci software for the development of your Web site (adding content, optimizing for search engines, working with your design) from day one.

The efficiency of developing on the Tendenci platform alone makes this profitable for our clients by reducing your Web site’s development time and therefore reducing your billable time.

A few great examples of how Tendenci saves you money during development are editing the drop-down navigation through the interface without ever touching javascript, loading in press releases and automatically generating the xml sitemap.

Additionally our costs during development are very real in the form of servers, backups, security updates, server maintenance and ongoing software development.

We realize that other providers aren’t offering software, they are selling a few bits on a disk in the cloud and for these companies some of them don’t charge for “hosting” until go live. This is not the case for us and we hope you see the value we are bringing to the table with Tendenci automation.