So you've made your short and you want to get it out there for all the world to see but you don't have Spielberg type money. Heck you don't even have Vincent Gallo type money, so you really need some help. Well getting your masterpiece out there is easier than ever

Lets take stock of what we need

  1. Our Movie
  2. Computer
  3. Internet Connection

Wait a minute that's a pretty shortlist, this must be really easy. It is!

Once you have your movie on your computer make sure that the file size is small enough to send over the internet and still has some quality so people can view it. 10 megs seems to be the industry standard. If everything is fine and you are happy with the quality head over to the newest internet sensational YouTube and set yourself up with a free account. Post your video on YouTube and voila you are sharing your masterpiece with the whole world. How's that for distribution???

Ok, we are only halfway there so hold on here comes the hard part, just kidding there are no hard parts. When you upload a video to YouTube the leg work you need to do to blog your video has been done already. They have already created the Embed tcode for you. We'll get back to this in a minute

Now you need to set up a blog or if you have one already just start a new post. For those that don't, you can use WordPress or Blogger as your free blogging site. These sites provide the tools and URL for your very own blog.

In this case, we posted a video of Houston's own Cactus King. The video was posted on YouTube and then blogged on the Only in Houston Blog. This was very easy and was a team effort! Lou Congelio posted the video to YouTube and I blogged it and neither of us spent a dime! 

To get our video posted on our blog I went to the YouTube page for this video, selected the embed code, and then started a new post on the Only in Houston blog. I entered in the text using the HTML option and hit submit and now the video is showing on the blog. We didn't have to host the video or spend time writing any code. We just signed up on some free sites and like that we are distributing our movie in multiple places.

The sky is the limit in how far you take it but one thing is for sure, getting your movie shown is getting easier and easier.

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