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[T4] Notifications - What is

When an Email notification, Contact Form Submission or Newsletter is sent from your Tendenci site, it will now have a sender address of This email address matches the address of the mail server that is being used to process and send your emails - which looks more legitimate to other mail servers, resulting in increased deliveries.

What are you talking about?

Old Way:
To a server, the following sample email header could look like Spam as it is sent with the sender's own email address from a Tendenci site's newsletter generator ( vs.

From: "Mary Dinkleplotz" <>
Subject: My organization's newsletter!

New and Improved Way:
By changing the 'Sender' path, your email will appear less suspicious as the sender address matches your Tendenci site's mail server that is being used to send the email (

From: "Mary Dinkleplotz" <>
Subject: My Organization's Newsletter

How does this affect me?

If I were sending a newsletter to you from the Tendenci website, you would receive my Newsletter in your inbox and the "Sender" would be (this is generally not displayed by the email application).

The "From and/or Reply To" address will continue to have the email address of the user who was specified in the ReplyTo field pictured below:

You must be sure to include your correct address in the 'ReplyTo' field (see below) to ensure email replies are sent to your email address. Otherwise, they will be sent to the and will not make it to your inbox, which would be sad.  The helpfile to edit this information is located at How Do I Customize the Sender Display in an Email?


The Good News:

This mandatory update was made specifically to help improve your email deliverability.  It also makes your email compliant with regulations outlined here:

By editing your Site Settings, you can revert to the old email sender Return-Path, instead of utilizing the new, compliant sender email address. To make this change, you will need to edit the setting called:  No-Reply Address.
1.    From the Tendenci Console, under Admin Quick Links, click on Site Settings
Note: If you have a custom Tendenci Console you can click the "Settings" link under the tabs at the top of the page. Then click "Global" from the "More Settings" drop down.
2.   Scroll to  No-Reply Address
3.    Add the email address that you would like the bounce backs to go to.
5.    Click the Change button to submit.

We strongly recommend that you do not change this variable as YOUR EMAIL DELIVERY RATES WILL DROP IF YOU REVERT BACK!