Tendenci includes, at a rudimentary level, a non-enterprise banner ad management capability. This is typically for clients running one or two banners that maybe change on a monthly basis. It is acknowledged that changing banners out requires some technical skill and a review of the help files.
In other words - our banner rotator capability is NOT intended for large scale commercial use. This is by design.
The good news is all banner ad management systems work very well with Tendenci sites. This is part of our goal to help you monetize your sites with flexibility. 
Add your name to this list? Contact us if you have over 100 active clients and a proven product. We do not accept commissions; all we ask of you is that you work well with our clients and give them the best possible monetization strategy. Tendenci is 100% customizable and makes likes easier with Integrations. 
Please also note that the implementation of a banner advertisement vendor is billable, so please budget accordingly. We want everyone to be happy!

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