If a page needs to be deleted, you run into a circular issue, although easily fixed. Please follow these proper steps when deleting a page on your Tendenci website so you don't run into 404 errors. Please keep in mind that these are SEO best practices. 

Example Solution:

1) Rename the “slug” from /blah/ to /blah2/

Example: The point is to avoid a name conflict. The legacy page actually shouldn’t need to be renamed. You could add “-archive” or however you wish.

2) Delete the page.

*Understand that deleting a page is really a “soft delete” meaning status_detail=inactive and status=0

3) Use /redirect/ module to redirect from /blah2/ to your preferred page. 

Example: https://yourwebsite.com/redirects

For further guidance on the redirects module, please read our help file on How to Use the Tendenci Redirects Module.


Keep your website healthy! Please contact us if you run into any issues.  







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