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[T4] Newsletters - Using the Newsletter Module


Sending newsletters is the best way to stay in front of your members and clients!

When using the Newsletter Generator, you will:

  • select the appropriate User Group from your database for targeted distribution
  • ask Tendenci to automatically build your newsletter for you based on content entered throughout the month so that you don't have to rekey all that information.
  • review and edit the newsletter before sending to add a personal message or add photos and other content
  • send a newsletter using a graphical template that matches your site for better brand impression and a more professional look.

Sending out your newsletter is no longer a dreaded chore but a very fast, satisfying process because you are using data that is already there!

Adding graphics to your newsletter
You may have noticed that the WYSIWYG interface for the newsletter does not have as many options as the one for your regular CMS. The reason for this is that Tendenci cannot control the email package used by your different users in how they display the newsletter content. So our options are more limited. You can still add graphics to your newsletter, you just cannot upload them to the server during the edit process. You must upload them using a different program, then add them to your newsletter.

Sending to a test group
You may want to send your newsletter to an internal test group first to have a few people to look it over and make suggestions before it goes out to your clients.

You can also generate a Newsletter and edit it over a period of days before sending it to anyone. Just check the Search Pending Actions to find your work-in-process.

Importing a third party marketing database
You can quickly import an external or purchased marketing list into Tendenci by using the data import feature discussed in the Users module of the tutorial. You may wish to add a new User Group first and then import this list as "non-interactive users" into that User Group.

Sending a quick email
You can also send an email to your member base with the same graphical header and footer by generating a Newsletter as described above but choosing to "skip" all content.


 For more on Newsletters, check the Tendenci Help Files.


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