Update Salonify Social Media Code in Theme


Currently, the Salonify theme doesn't automatically update the social media information on the homepage and side bar with the social media links in the theme settings.  Until this is updated, here is how you can add the code to individual sites.

1) Go to the sidebar.html template file in the theme editor.  (http://examplesite.tendenciapp.com/theme-editor/editor/?file=templates/sidebar.html&theme_edit=salonify#to-editor)

2) Look for the section in the sidebar.html that is for the "Connect with Us" container.  Here is a screenshot: 


You'll want to replace the code above with the following lines: 

  {% if MODULE_THEME_TWITTER %}<a href="http://twitter.com/{{ MODULE_THEME_TWITTER }}" target="_blank"><img alt="Find us on Twitter" src="{{ THEME_URL }}media/images/twitter.png" /></a>{% endif %}
  {% if MODULE_THEME_LINKEDIN %}<a href="{{ MODULE_THEME_LINKEDIN }}" target="_blank"><img alt="Find us on LinkedIn" src="{{ THEME_URL }}media/images/linkedin.png" /></a>{% endif %}
  {% if MODULE_THEME_FACEBOOK %}<a href="{{ MODULE_THEME_FACEBOOK }} "target="_blank"><img alt="Find us on Facebook" src="{{ THEME_URL }}media/images/facebook.png" /></a>{% endif %}

3) Save the changes

Once you've done this, you should be able to go into your site's Theme Settings and update the social media network URL's and the site will automatically populate them. 


(Screenshot of Theme Settings and Facebook URL)

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