"You're trying to take something that can be described in many, many sentences and pages of prose, but you can convert it into a couple lines of poetry and you still get the essence," -Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO 


Tendenci - The Open Source AMS collaborates with numerous non-profits and associations which makes us multicultural in the business. Every website has a specific target audience and requires the most relevant content to attract business. And the most important thing in content writing is knowing your voice. Especially in the age of character limits, the power to communicate straightforwardly and clearly is very important. There is no need to pretend - we all know great writing doesn't just happen. We all struggle! And it most definitely doesn't happen all at once. Everything takes time. It's a process, but a rewarding one.

First tip: Less thinking. More heart.

Keep your content simple and human. At Tendenci, we say it like we speak it. We are not robots. Our voice is what's helped us build and maintain the relationship with our clients for over 20 years and the Open Source community. Our guidelines are tools to connect the world and do some good.

Use your voice. Stay natural. Less formal, more grounded in real, everyday conversations. So remember, No. More. Robot. Speaking. 

Second tip: Be crystal clear. 

Less crap. Be straight to the point. 

Third tip: Be the Warrior.

Let your voice be heard by showing your clients you're on their side. Know your product so you can anticipate everyone's real needs and offer great information at just the right time. 

Fourth tip: Write like you talk. 

Your voice should always be human. Again, write naturally. Use the everyday language that you use when talking to a friend. Use short words. Short sentences. And always lead with what's important. Remember to eliminate anything that is not essential. So don't put a lot of junk out there. Keep it simple. Also voice recognizable. 

Fifth tip: Connect the world.

Tendenci speaks many languages, in fact, we are translated in 75+ languages. It reflects our passion to many cultures and our core value, which is to connect the world's people and do good. When localizing your voice, aim to transmit the feeling behind the meaning of the words. Translate the essence to make it relevant for your audience. 


For another great read and more in-depth info, visit: How to write clearly: copywriting tips to simplify your message




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