Tendenci offers you the option to use our standard Events Registration form or use Custom Events Registration Forms - both are free options out-of-the-box.  By default, your site will launch with our standard Events Registration form and this Help File is going to show you how change your Event Module's default settings and include the option for custom registration forms.  Then, we'll show you how to set-up and use custom registration forms.  

What Are Custom Event Registration Forms?

Custom Event Registration Forms are something we added as an option for you in case you wanted to collect more specific and personalized information from your event attendees compared to our standard event registration form.  

Check out this video about how to activate custom registration forms on your Tendenci website and get started using them for your events!

Part 1: Setting Up Custom Event Registration Forms in Tendenci

How to Set Up Custom Event Registration Forms in Tendenci

In this video I'm going to show you about how to use custom registration forms for events and I'm pretty sure that's a feature you didn't know was in your site yet.

The first thing you need to do is turn on custom registration forms and the way you do that is using your top menu admin bar, you navigate to content, come down to Events and you'll click on your "Settings" widget. That will bring you to this page that we're looking at here which is your events settings.

You'll want to go to custom registration form and hit true for enabled and update the settings. Now when you go to add events you will see a new option (for a Custom Registration form).

I started an event over here to save time. We've already gone over how to add a new event in a previous video so it's the same form adding an event right from the tab.

You have your title and everything else down here. You'll set your dates, your times, your location, those types of details for your event and you'll see when you scroll down here underneath registration there's a new box that wasn't there before and that's the custom registration form.

If you want to use a custom registration form you'll check that box and you have two options. You can use one form for all of your pricing levels or you can use a separate form for each of your pricing options. When you check this box it will have you select a form for each of the pricing below as you see here. Right now we just see default custom registration form, you have to create your event and select it.

We only have one pricing level for this one so we're going to select default custom registration form which will be what you see standard for all brand new events and we're going to make sure our pricing is correct and we're going to save the changes.

Now as I mentioned, when you select to use a custom registration form with an event, you will always see for brand new events, that default registration and after you create your event, the next step you'll want to follow is to come back up to your events tab and look for the "this event" row and come down to manage custom registration form.

This shows you that there is one custom registration form linked to this event. If you had selected to have a different form for multiple pricing tiers for example, you'd see multiple default registration forms here. You would want to come over and click "Edit" and this is where, particularly if you were using multiple registration forms for an event, you would want to choose the name. After you've changed this form and this name, it will change on the event field so if you have multiple levels, for example if you have a members versus a non members form then you would have one of these be named "Members Custom Form" and you'd want to name the other one "Non Members."

Each time you create an event that you select to use custom registration forms, it creates brand new forms and ties them to that specific event and it will always say "Default Registration Form" until you have customized it for brand new events.

In the notes, it just tells you what the form is going to be and in this one I'm going to be asking my event attendees if they have a special dietary request for the meal.

For the "validate guest" box, you would want to check that if each guest would need to have their own response for this. For example, if a family comes in and is registering for four people to an event. In the case of a special meal, I would want each of those individual guests under the one person registering to give me their responses. If you're registering a family and you are looking for their income or you want to know what kind of car they drive then you might not need it for each guest, just one head of household would be able to do that.

Then you would want to make sure that the status is active if you're going to be activating this after you set it up. Now you can see this looks much like our other custom forms, back end. This will tie it directly to the event.

You can add as many fields as you would like. You'll see my mouse will turn into the four arrow widget as I scroll through. This lets you rearrange the order, so you can actually change the order of how the items display on the event roster.

In this case I want to have a special menu option and then I don't need to map this to a user field however you can see some of these are mapped to user fields. This just shows you the different options you can have, for example, position title would be something for nametags if you wanted to collect that type of information.

The phone number might be something you want to collect if you're going to need to call them or have availability for that. You can even have it be a phone number for their mobile phone so in case something changed in the last minute you can have them opt in to receive a text message for notifications or a phone call.

Under type, this is the field type. For this one I'm going to have them choose from a list. You have a number of options just like our other custom forms. You can have a default option if you'd like and that's what would be displayed just by default if they register, if you leave it blank it will just pick the first option by default. I'm not going to make this required.

I do want this to show up on the roster so when I print the roster I can have a list of who's eating what. I can add another field if I wanted to. Then again I can move this, say I want it to be up above the comments field. Then I'll save it.

So we come back to the event and now you can see it shows special menu options is the name of that custom form. Part 2 of this video I'm going to show you what it looks like from somebody coming in and registering to use the custom registration form and fill out that information and then show you what that looks like from the site admin's point of view on the roster.

Part 2 - Custom Registration Forms from the User's Perspective

What Do Your Event Registrants Experience?

Your top priority with online event registration is ensuring your guests don't experience problems when they register.  Here is Part 2 of our Custom Event Registration Forms video series that shows you what your site visitors experience as they sign-up using a custom form: 

What it Looks Like From Your Client's Perspective

In part one of the custom registration forms for events video, I showed you how to enable custom registration forms for events and how to add a custom registration form and customize it for an event coming up for your organization. So now I'm going to show you what it looks like for somebody coming to register for the event on the custom registration form.

Here I am on the page and I am going to log out, so not an administrator and come back over to the calendar.

Come to the event. You can see here we have the same event we created earlier and I will register. We'll fill out some information and you'll see on the form we now have a special meal option available so that guests can come in and select what they would like for their guests. If we wanted to add an additional registrant, because I checked to validate for each guest have to select their own option and we'll select low sugar for them and then we will register for the event.

So here's the confirmation and this is what your guests will see. One of them selected gluten free and the other opted for low sugar and here's the balance and invoice that they are going to owe.

So if we come back, logged in as an administrator to our events and we click on that event we will come up again to our events tab and we want to come back to this event and here you can see we can search registrants and see an event roster so let's see what the event roster looks like.

So as you can see Tendenci offers you ways to customize and personalize your events, using the custom registration form to collect the type of information you want to know about your guests.

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