VIDEO: Tendenci CMS Content Options

This video shows you how to add, edit, and manage content in the Tendenci CMS interface.

Video Transcript

Let's quickly take a look at the different ways that you can add content to your Tendenci website.

If we come up here, we have the administrator's navigation bar, and you can see one of the buttons is called Content. Down this list we have our App List and our plugins, and both of these are the different ways that you can add, update, and change the content for text, images, video, see we have a video plugin, to your Tendenci website to encourage engagement, share information and new stories, everything that's going on.

We'll go into more detail in additional training videos on each of these different items. Just know that there are several different, unique ways that you can showcase what's going on inside your organization on your Tendenci website, and we make it really simple to do.

If you are also wanting to add content from the dashboard, you can click here, and we have our colored icons. This is all pretty much the same information shown visually for you, where you can change users, groups, articles, add a photo album, add stories for what's going on that you want to showcase in the story bar, custom forms so you can see your invoices. So there's a lot you can do here from the dashboard, including content, or use your admin bar up here.