T5 Features overview

Tendenci 5, or T5 is the future of the Tendenci Membership Management Software platform. Build on open source components including Python, MySQL, and Django, T5 brings benefits of speed, search, and more powerful tools to online membership management. Read below for the growing list of all the current features in T5.

Current Features


WYSIWYG (wizzy-wig), or "What You See is What You Get", is a content editor much like Microsoft Word. The WYSIWYG in T5 allow you to edit text with options like bolding, italics, lists, left and right alignment, and the ability to inserting images. The T5 WYSIWYG is available for content areas in most of the apps available for your website.


T5 lets you publish articles on your website, so you can keep your members or readers up to date about your organization.

  • Superusers and authorized users can add, edit, and delete articles
  • Article content can be searched
  • Article blocks can be used on your site to show the latest published articles
  • Include Author contact information on each article
  • Articles can be tagged for use across the site design
  • Include a source for your article for proper attribution
  • Articles include a pre-made RSS feed and are included in the site-wide RSS feed


The Contacts app in T5 lets you quickly and easily capture contact information from your website visitors. You can use this to capture sales leads or interested potential members, and make it easy for you to get in touch with your visitors on your time. The contacts app comes with:

  • Automatic form with SPAM protection using CAPTCHA
  • Email notices that can be sent to one or many email address when a new contact fills out the form
  • Online storage and review of a contacts information
  • Customizable text area above the form for your own call to action


The directories app in T5 allows you to sell directory listings on your website. You can manage these listings on your own, or open them up to the public at a cost. Directory listings include:

  • Custom URL, title, body, logo image, tags, a summary field
  • Contact information fields
  • Superusers can add, edit, delete, and approve paid directory listings
  • Directory listing custom pricing based on time limits
  • Directory time limit options of 14, 30, 60, 90, and 120 days and a 1 year option


T5 makes it easy for your site members and visitors to sign up and register for events. Event creation can be done quickly and easily, allowing you to get your events on the calendar for your members to see.

  • Events use the WYSIWYG for styled text and images in your event descriptions
  • Fields for contact information for your event planners and organizers
  • Online paid registration to allow your organization to increase revenue
  • Registration roster reports allow you to keep up with your registrants
  • Email functionality lets you contact your registrants for event updates
  • Registrant Exports can be used to create sign-in lists, name cards, and mailers
  • Custom pricing tiers for early and late registration
  • Custom pricing for member groups and non-member registrants (in development)


The Files app in T5 is fully integrated across the software, so you can manage your file uploads and images in one easy place. The WYSIWYG connects to the files app, so an image or document that is uploaded to a page or article can be found again and easily reused across the website. The files app also allows your to mark files as private, so only your registered site users will have access to them.


T5 allows you to manage the pages on your website through a simple web interface. You can add new pages, edit text and content on pages, as well as upload photos or embed videos on your pages. Pages currently comes with the following features.

  • Superusers can add, edit, and delete pages
  • Page content can be searched
  • Page tags can be searched by using tag:
  • Page content area uses a WYSIWYG with basic HTML and image

Payments and Invoices

Tendenci 5 lets your website take online payments through a direct form or though other apps like Event Registration, Directory listings, Jobs, and Donations. The payments app integrates with your payment gateway, and the invoices capture purchaser information and amounts for record keeping. Currently, Authorize.Net and FirstData are compatible.


  • Add photos to different sets for organization
  • Batch edit several photos at once
  • Mark photos or photo sets as private or only for display to specific groups
  • Edit title, description, and tags of a photo set
  • Edit title, caption, and tags of an individual photo


Plugins in T5 are smaller or more custom apps that can be easily enabled and disabled. There are several plugins that have been developed by Schipul, but others can be created specifically for your site. Plugins are similar to apps with the exception that they can be easily activated and deactivated. Some examples of current plugins are:

  • Videos plugin to allow automatic embedding of YouTube and Vimeo videos on your site
  • Quotes plugin (in development) to save quotes and display them across the website
  • Donations plugin to allow your site to take money specifically for donation

If you require a custom plugin for your site, please contact us and tell us more about it.

Tags and Tag loops

Tags are optional across several applications in T5. When using tags, you can then display your content in a number of ways across the site. Tag loops allow you to filter your content for display in areas of your website. For instance, you can use tag loops to show Featured stories or Business articles. The following apps currently have tag loop capabilities.

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Stories
  • Pages


T5 is compatible with all modern web browsers, including Firefox 2+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4+, and Internet Explorer 7+. Certain features of the WYSIWYG including image editing are not currently compatible with Chrome or Safari.

Upcoming Features


Boxes are sections of your site that allow static content to be displayed and updated. A common use for Boxes is in sidebars and in sections of the homepage. Boxes can be included almost anywhere on your website and are easy for Superusers to edit.

  • Editable by Superusers only
  • Boxes use the WYSIWYG to include styled text and images