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Tendenci's Corporate Memberships Module gives your organization a way to offer group membership packages to organizations and corporations so that multiple people from the corporate member company can participate in your members-only benefits online and at your events. 

The Corporate Membership Module works best when you follow the steps below in order and after you've put some thought into the structure you want for your corporate memberships program(s).  You can have multiple types of Corporate Memberships with different options and pricing and you'll want to figure out how many types, what you'll charge, and the other policies for your Corporate Memberships before you go into the Corporate Membership Module on Tendenci and start to configure it. 

Before You Get Started

Be Sure to Check Corporate Membership Module Settings

Make sure you've defined what email address will receive notifications when members join. Read more in this helpfile.

Have a Plan for Your Applications

We recommend determining your plan for Corporate Memberships before you start implementing that plan in the software. Most of our clients are moving to Tendenci from another system, and use the same setup they had in their previous system. If you would like to make changes to your Corporate Memberships workflow, now is the time to do it!

Before you get started with this process, you should have an idea of:

  1. Corporate Memberships levels and pricing for each - Typically these levels are differentiated by how many individuals can register underneath each type, what type of company the corporation is (i.e. NPOs get a discounted rate), or are tied to external sponsorship packages.
  2. What information you'll need to know for each Corporation on their Corporate Membership Application
  3. What information you'll need to know for each Individual on their Individual Membership Application under the Corporation


Steps to Setting up Tendenci Corporate Memberships

Step 1. Create Corporate Membership Type(s)


Navigate to your Admin Backend in your Apps Menu


Scroll to "Corporate Membership"


You'll need to create a new corporate membership type so click on Corp. Membership Types, and you'll go to the Corporate Membership Type Administration Page where you can add new corporate membership types and manage existing corporate membership types.

When you go in to edit or create a membership type, you can name the Corporate Membership type however you would like. You can customize the price. You will set the renewal price at the same time. It can be the same amount as I've made it on this side or it can be zero dollars, it can be whatever you'd like to customize it as.

You'll want to connect your corporate membership type with a regular individual membership type. Corporate Memberships allow an entire organization to join and you can customize how many of their staff or employees qualify as members and it gives those employees of the corporate member, the same member benefits that you give your other individual membership types.


In this case, if you haven't yet set up any individual membership types:

Click the green Plus Sign

Fill out "Professional Member" as the name (this can be changed later) and save.




We'll come back to the settings for this later.


Corporate membership type settings( link file)


Video Transcript


So in this case I've linked Professional Membership Type with Professional Members Type. Here you can have a description that you fill in to talk about what is unique to this Corporate Supporter Membership type.

Then we have the individual pricing options. So when we have this checked box to allow a threshold, what that is saying is, how many employees from this particular Corporate Member, do you want to allow as part of that $5,000 fee. So you might allow ten members, twenty, you might be unlimited and then you would uncheck the box.



If, for example, we allow 30 of their employees to become members of this Corporate Membership and then beyond that, my threshold price is c$75 which means that if they have 31 members or 50 members or some random number above 30 that they want to send over from their organization then each of those members over 30 is going to have to pay a $75 membership fee which is a discount off of the other price we've set and they are also eligible. You can set this to be whatever number you want. These are flexible fields.


Step 2. Create Individual Membership Types specifically for Corporate Memberships

Tendenci's Corporate Memberships Module connects your Corporate Memberships with Individual Memberships of the people who are employed by your Corporate Members.  This enables you to know who is an active member within your organization and what Company they are with.  There are a number of benefits to knowing not just the big company or organization members, but also the people who are participating in your members events and activities and Tendenci helps you track and communicate with the individual members.  

The extra capabilities built into the Tendenci software to provide a connection between Corporate Memberships and the individual members at those companies also comes with a couple of extra steps for site superusers to set-up and manage memberships.  The first step is to create Individual Membership Types that will be exclusively for the employees of your corporate members and you'll specify when you create these individual membership types that they are for Corporate Memberships so the software will be able to manage and organize members when they join underneath a corporate membership type. 

You can find the Individual Memberships types in the "Memberships" Tab drop down menu:


Here is a video that shows you how to create new membership types: Membership Module Training Series Video 2 - Membership Types.

When you create new individual membership types to connect with Corporate Memberships, you will want to be sure to make a note of that and select names that make it easy for you and your staff to differentiate from Individual Membership Types not designated for use with the Corporate Membership Module.  Here is an example where we've labeled the Individual Corporate Membership Type "Professional Corporate Member" to distinguish it from the "Professional Member" individual type:


You can create and customize as many membership types as you would like for both Individual and Corporate Memberships, and it is important to create a standard system for labeling them so you can keep track as your organization grows over time.  

Step 3. Create Individual Membership Applications Specifically for Corporate Memberships

Now that you've created the membership types for individual corporate members, you will want to create the individual membership application(s) that employees of your corporate members will fill out on your website to obtain their own member ID, site login and password, and member profile and can then access your website's members-only content, events, and special pricing.  

Here is a video to watch showing you how to create an individual membership application: Membership Module Training Series Video - Membership Applications

There are two things you will want to do when you create the individual membership application so that it will connect this membership application with your corporate memberships:

  1. Check the box next to "Use for Corporate Individuals"

  2. Highlight (Select) the Membership Types you created specifically for Corporate memberships in the "Memberships Types" options box.


Make sure you save the membership application and then you will be able to add additional Fields and customize the application to request the information from your corporate members' individual employees that your organization wants to collect. 

Step 4. Create the Corporate Membership Application

You are now ready to create your Corporate Membership Application.  This is the application that will be completed for the Corporation or Organization that is joining itself and represents the Company as a whole, rather than the individual employees that will be participating.  

When you create the corporate membership application, it will have a dropdown "Membership Application" list of the available Individual Membership applications that you have created on your Tendenci website.  Make sure you select an application that you created specifically for Corporate Memberships.  The list will include all of the individual membership applications and you want to be sure to just select the application specific to this corporate membership application.  


Step 5. Create a Page with Instructions and Membership Benefits

It is important to communicate with your new members what they will experience as they sign-up to become a member of your organization. We recommend that you create a page on your website that explains the process of signing up and includes helpful links and an email or phone number to contact someone if an interested visitor has trouble applying as a member. 

If you have been using a different software application to manage and accept online memberships, then your current members may want some guidance on how to use the new software.  We want to help you communicate the steps invovled in joining as a member or corporate member within the Tendenci software and help your members and your staff avoid any frustrations.  

You can get as creative as you would like and add images and video to the page.  Then link the page where site visitors can easily find before they reach the membership application page.  

Here are some examples of how other Tendenci clients have added help text for memberships.  Visit their sites to see what else they've done to customize Tendenci to match their Brand and communicate their message.

YMCA of Greater Houston






This video will show you how to add new pages, articles and general content items in case you need help creating a new corporate membership information page: 

Step 6. Link You Membership Information Page and Your Corporate Membership Application to Your Navigation Menu

Now that you have a page that explains your membership programs and how to apply and membership applications, you will want to make it easy for your site visitors to find and apply for membership with your organization.  To do that, we recommend adding links to your corporate membership application and other membership program details directly to your website's main navigation.  This will place the links on every page of your site where visitors can quickly find and click to view.  






We can't wait to get you started with the Tendenci Corporate Membership app.

There is a lot to get through to get your membership architecture set up, so lets get to it.


Each corporate membership is made up of individual members:





We need a place to store information on the group as a whole and on each of the individual members

We are going to start by setting up our architecture for each of the individual members:


Other Factors to Consider for you to Consider

1. What are your different levels of corporate membership

2. Will the different levels of corporate membership all have the same access and permissions?

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