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[T4] Newsletters - Sending an Email using Email Graphics

Q: When I receive internet inquiries or contact forms from the website they are sent in a html format where the text is in a frame of the website header. Is there any way I can send emails to clients using that format?

A: Yes! Use Marketing Actions to send professional emails.

  1. From the Tendenci console, click Marketing Actions.
  2. From the Email Options menu, click Add an Email.
  3. Add your Recpients.
  4. Enter your Subject and Body.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. From the Email Options menu, click Click to Send This Email.

**If you want to send an email to a User Group, you can also use the Newsletter Generator and simply "skip" all auto-content options. This will give you a blank graphical shell to insert your text. For more info on this feature, read How to Generate a Newsletter.