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[T4] Newsletters - Sending a text only Newsletter through Tendenci

You are able to send text only newsletters through the Tendenci Newsletter Generator.

To do so,

  1. From the Tendenci console, click Newsletter Generator.
  2. Choose the User Group to receive the newsletter.
  3. Include Jump Links to have an index automatically created at the top of your newsletter.
  4. Include or Skip categories of content to be pulled to the newsletter.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Edit Email to make changes to the newsletter before sending. In the Edit View,
    1. Select text for the Content
    2. Use the Clean Up HTML icon to Remove all HTML tags.
    3. You can't add any formatting at all as this will add HTML tags that will display in the raw format when you send your email
    4. Submit your changes.
  7. Click View Email to review the newsletter as it will go out. Close this window when done viewing.
  8. Check I Agree and click Accept Software License Agreement after reading the text and agreeing to not use this feature to send spam.
    • **Breaking this agreement will get your site pulled from the network. We take spam seriously.**
  9. Check the box and click Send the Email!