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[T4] Newsletters - Send a plain HTML newsletter

  1. Create your newsletter using the newsletter generator
  2. Choose user group, subject line, skip module content, don’t worry about choosing a template
  3. Continue on two step two and begin editing your email 

4. In the edit screen, in the first option for content choose TEXT.

5. Then in the body area, select HTML, select all code and delete. 

6.    Then switch back to normal mode after you have deleted all code from the HTML view.
7.    You can now type your text as needed. (note- if you need a link you will just have to copy and paste the link from a browser and then the user will need to copy and paste the link reference to their browser. It will not be hyper linked automatically because you are in text mode and no HTML will be included).
8.    Hit submit to save.
9.    Send a test first. 10. Then you can clone and send the real newsletter once all is well.