To edit a user's access, go to the user's profile and under the "Users" tab, choose "Edit User Profile."


If one of your staff members or volunteers no longer needs access to the website, there are two ways you can downgrade their access on the site. Note: You do NOT want to delete the user, or you will lose the record of their contributions on your website.

Option 1: If the user still needs to be able to log into the site (for example, if the user is still a member of your organization and will need to log in as a member), scroll down to section J and change the drop down under Security Level to just "User."


Option 2: If the user no longer needs to be able to log into the site at all, follow the steps above (change their security level to regular "User") AND ALSO scroll down to section F and change the drop down to "Not Interactive (no login)."


This will keep their record in the database, but they won't be able to log in to the site.


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