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[T4] Newsletters - Reasons why images are not appearing properly on your newsletter

Adding images to a Newsletter is a great way to improve the look and readability of your email. But a professional look is difficult if all your clients see are broken image links!

The problem: the reference link to your image is not pointing to the right spot.  The most likely cause: a relative link, rather than an absolute link, was used to point to the image.

A relative link is a hyperlink on your web site that points to a file (image, web page, .pdf, etc.) that also exists on your web site. These links are added in the format:


This format uses the portion of the web address that immediately follows your domain name. We use relative links whenever possible to reduce the stress on the server and subsequent response time for your site users.

An absolute link is a hyperlink that points to a file on a specific domain. These links are added in the format:

This format forces the server to find this domain when loading this link. You will use this format whenever pointing to a file on a different web site.

So how does this affect Newsletters?

Newsletters are read in an individual's email box -- not on your web site. Therefore, the user's computer cannot reconcile a relative link back to your site. You must use absolute links to your images when adding them to a Newsletter so that the user's server can "talk" to your web server and pull the right image.

See How to add an image to a Newsletter.