Preparing a file for a user import in T5

Before you can import a group of users into Tendenci, you must format your data into our existing data format.

Go to (for self sign-up/trial users: to download the User Import Template. You can download either the XLS template or the CSV template

To prepare a .csv or .xls file: 

  1. Open your data file in Excel
  2. Copy and paste the data that you will be importing into the Template CSV (linked from /imports/users/upload/add/)
  3. Leave the header or title rows in your spreadsheet.
  4. Remove all of the columns you don’t need – only keep columns you have information in
  5. Save as a .csv file or .xls file.
  6. Import the CSV or XLS to the website
  7. Update the settings
  • Choose Interactive or noninteractive (for contacts who aren’t able to log in, they should be non interactive)
  • Choose how to identify duplicates against current database (I would choose email)
  • Choose a group to add the contacts to (if it is a new group, you must create the group first for it to show up in this list, you can’t add a group from here)
  • Enter your authentication string and click “Preview Import”

Then use the User Import utility to import the file. See How to import users into Tendenci for more information.