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To make sure your website content looks consistent across all of your pages, we recommend that you stick to the preformatted format styles and not change your text font or color within each page.

Explanation of Preformatted Styles in Tendenci

  • PScreen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-11.10.06-AM.pngaragraph = plain text
  • Heading 1 = the main title of the page (this tells the search engines what the page is about, Tendenci automatically creates a Heading 1 out of your page title, there should be only one per page so we don't recommend adding more Heading 1s to the body copy)
  • Heading 2 = a sub title of the page (think of these like an outline)
  • Heading 3 = a sub sub title of the page (etc.)


If you decide you would like to change the preformatted color or size of any of these styles, you can do so by updating your stylesheet (or contact us to help you update your stylesheet). By using these preformatted styles, we only need to update the style attributes in one place and it will automatically update across your site.

Note: If you make a text change within an individual page, note that it will need to manually updated if you ever want to change the look of these preformatted styles.


To Change the Font or Size of Your Text in Tendenci

You can change the font or size of your text by editing the HTML of your page content. Click the HTML icon to switch to HTML view.


You can then use the style attribute in the HTML to change font size and color.

So you should see your paragraph of text start and end with a simple <p> and </p> tag. You'll change that opening paragraph tag to:

Start with: <p>This is my text.</p>

Change it to: <p style="font-family: arial;">This is my text.</p>

You only need one style tag per pragraph, then you can list all the style changes you want to make in a row (end each with a semicolor). So add multiple changes like this:

<p style="font-family: arial; font-size: 20px;">This is my text.</p>

You will still close the paragraph with the same simple </p> tag to end your paragraph and stop your change in formatting.

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