Modules and Major Feature Changes From Prior Versions of Tendenci in Newest Version:

Prior Versions Module/Feature  Newest Version Module/Feature 
What's Changed or Planned to Change? When Will It Be Available?
 N/A  Superuser Navigation Menu Added a navigation menu at the top of every page for superusers to navigate through website faster as opposed to the old way of navigating through Dashboard exclusively  Available Now
 Articles  Articles Removed Podcast Support in newest version  Available Now
 Attorneys  Attorneys Plugin Optional Plugin with better image support and fewer fields to fill out  Available Now as an option
 Ballots  In Development Merging Ballots, Surveys, and Polls into an improved Plugin  Planned for 2012
 Catalogs   Products Plugins No Cart Option for purchases. Better Image Support  Available Now as an option
 Calendar  Events Flexible, expanded pricing support, multiple speakers, bundled tickets, discount codes, streamlined event creation page, duplication function added   Available Now
 Committees  N/A Improved Group functionality to create Committee Groups instead of the rigid committee module.  Simply create a Users Group for each Committee and add users to the appropriate group.  Give Committees customized, selective permissions to edit and add content to your site as needed, ability to search and display members of committees publicly, or based on custom permissions, and tons more features than previously versions!   Currently No Plan to Develop - Want this  module? Request a Custom Development Quote 
 Content  Managers  Pages Custom templates give you control to change a little or a lot, Tagging function allows you to control related content to automatically incorporate items across the site based on tags, SEO built in, new redirect app allows you to easily create redirected URLs with your website   Available Now
 Corporate  Memberships  Corporate Memberships Integrate with Groups and Newsletter subscriber lists, advanced permission controls, streamlined forms and pricing options   Available Now
 Courses  Courses Plugins Simplified interface, new scoring system   Q2 2012
 Directories  Directories Simplified interface, tiered pricing options, use tags to create multiple types of directory-views.   Available Now 
 Doctors  N/A Potential to be added as a plugin in the future  Want This? Let us know!
 Donations  Donations Plugin Streamlined process to create and customize donations forms, very similar to old version  Available Now 
 Event Types  Event Types Redesigned event types to use custom fields and color-code system instead of icons for better user accessibility and easier visual differentiation on the event calendar monthly view  Available Now 
 Files  Files Improved support for larger files, all files uploaded system wide (except photos) and stored in the Files app, user-level permission controls for related content integrated with files  Available Now 
 Forums  N/A Tendenci software code change allows integration with 3rd party community forum sites in new version for clients to select best platform.  Contact Us About Custom 3rd Party Integration Options
 Help Files  Help Files Streamlined layout, advanced search function to search any keyword phrase within the entire text of the document  Available Now
 Invoices  Invoices Updated layout and individual templates, improved search and notation functionality added, invoices link to user profile pages.  Available Now
 Jobs  Jobs Users can add jobs themselves with pending superuser approval capabilities, updated WYSIWYG editor for easier use, can embed videos in job postings, flexible pricing options and bundled job price packages available.   Available Now
 Newsletters/  Marketing  Actions  Campaign Monitor  Integration New version allows integration with 3rd party email marketing software, user groups and members are automatically added to segmented email lists for custom communications, better reporting, more design options with newsletter templates, social network sharing integration with newsletters.  Available Now, Interested in Integration with a different 3rd Party Newsletter software? Contact us for information
 Memberships  Memberships Completely new design that allows you to fully customize membership levels, permission settings, applications, notices, renewals, pricing, and a ton of other functionality so our clients can create the membership structure on their website to match their organization's member structure.  Available Now
 Payments  Payments Currently supported merchant providers are Authorize.Net and First Data, PayPal PayFlow and Stripe, version update allows for custom integration with additional online payment gateways  Available Now, Don't see your preferred gateway? Ask us how to add it. 
 Photo Albums  Photos Update page layout for viewing photo sets, photo counts on latest lists, licensing (creative commons/all rights reserved) per photo with tags to get images in Google Searches for advanced permissions control and SEO, faster upload time, batch edit photos.  Album order and order of photos within albums cannot be rearranged with T5.  Available Now
 N/A  Google Maps Integrated Google Maps with Events to generate a map with options for directions and exploring nearby locations to the Events Calendar   Available Now
 N/A  Plugins Added new plugin architecture allowing development of larger quantity of plugins without affecting all clients. You can have custom plugins on your website that don't become part of every Tendenci client site, plugins can be customized and styled to fit your theme and site layout Available Now
 Polls  In Development Merging Ballots, Surveys, and Polls into an improved Plugin  Planned for 2012
 Projects  N/A Currently not in development, potential for custom plugin development   Want this feature? Let us know!
 Quotes  Quotes Plugin Updated layout that incorporates related quotes   Available Now as an option
 Registrations  Events Registrations have been integrated with Events and are no longer a separate module, simplifying your event marketing online plus even more features to customize events  Available Now 
 Releases  News Releases Module has been integrated with News, streamlined editor view for simplification and faster content posting   Available Now
 Resumes  Resumes Added automatic workflow functionality for allowing user-submitted content and superuser approval just like in Jobs   Available Now
 RSS Feeds  Integrated with Modules Integrated RSS Feeds with virtually all the modules instead of having a separate module   Available Now 
 Stories  Stories Simplified superuser editor functionality, greater flexibility in site placement, image uploading integrated on same page as adding a story for faster creation and editing, ordering is done using customizable start and end dates  Available Now
 Study Groups  N/A Improved Groups functionality allowed this module to be removed  Custom Plugin Development is an Option 
 Surveys  In Development Merging Ballots, Surveys, and Polls into an improved Plugin  Planned for 2012
 Testimonials  Testimonial Plugin Redesigned testimonials layout, added advanced selective permissions, more field options  Available Now as an option
 N/A  Themes/Templates Added option to select a Theme Template to reduce setup costs, works a lot like WordPress themes/templates, plan in place to allow designers to develop their own Tendenci Theme's and potentially resell them on a TendenciApp Marketplace.   Available Now with Ongoing Development
 Users  Users/Profiles Added Granular Selective Permissions Control, updated interface to access profiles including better search, more control over individual users, easier to add/update/delete user profiles  Available Now
 User Groups  Groups New features to add users to groups based on name, email, or username.  adds subscribers automatically to email newsletter subscriber lists and segments by group name, advanced selective permissions controls, membership types included in Group functionality options to simplify adminstration of website community   Available Now 
N/A  Locations  New feature allows the addition of multiple locations. Integrates with Google Maps and allows searching by either all locations or nearest location.  
N/A  Videos  Upload videos to your Tendenci site.  

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