As you know your Tendenci web site already have a few SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tools built in to it making it easy for you to use.
One of my personal favorite is the Keyword Density Analyzer.
You can get to it by going to (You will have to be an admin on the site to use this tool) or simply click on the SEM icon on your editing tools.
By simply clicking on the icon it will automatically analyze that specific page.
Here's a full article that talks about what the Keyword Density Analyzer can do for your content:
Now that you understand how to use the tool and how it can help with your content writing, let's understand what each of the columns mean.
Count - the number of times that keyword phrase appears in the text of that specific page
Density - the ratio of the keyword phrase compared to the total number of words on that page
Score - this is assigned for each keyword phrase based on the position on the page and a few other elements
If the keyword phrase is used as any of the below elements it will get additonal points added to the keyword phrase score:
Title - 4
Link - 3
Bold, Strong -2
H1 Tag - 4
H2 Tag - 3
H3, H4 Tag - 2
Others - 1

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